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‘The Bachelor’: ABC Exec Talks ‘Ghost’ Promo, Did They Hint Peter Weber’s Girls Won’t Be ‘The Bachelorette?’

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The Bachelor aired its Ghost promo during the 2020 Oscars telecast on Sunday. The promo sent many fans and tabloids into a speculation frenzy. The cryptic messages could be interpreted in almost any way. But when an ABC executive talked about the promo, it seems they possibly hinted that none of Peter Weber’s contestants might become the next The Bachelorette lead.

The Bachelor – the cryptic message in Ghost and producer love-interest for Peter

TV Shows Ace reported about the Ghost promo which saw the rose in a lump of clay. The potter’s wheel spun, the rose fell off, and only an empty vase remained. Speculating this could refer to Hannah B, especially as the background music was Unchained Melody, we took the angle she might yet return to the finale and steal the rose from the other contestants.

Later, a theory arose on Reddit, that in fact, Peter Weber falls for Julie LaPlaca, one of The Bachelor producers. Well, we speculated this really brought no connection between the Ghost promo and Julie at all. Plus, Reality Steve also suggested the theory’s simply not plausible. Mind you, when ET Online spoke to exec Rob Mills, the producer theory never got ruled out. However, he sounded rather sorry they never thought of that angle themselves.

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Hints the current girls might not become The Bachelorette lead

Later, during the chat with ET‘s Lauren Zima, Rob talked about The Bachelorette. Interestingly, the “but” word arose. Now, many business and communication courses teach their students to ignore everything before the “but.” The real message comes after the “but.” First, he addressed the way previous contestants supported each other, giving Becca Kufrin’s scenes as an example. Then, he mentioned that the Women Tell All would address that with Peter’s contestants. That support seemed rather absent this season.

Next, he mentioned the next contestant from Peter’s The Bachelor as The Bachelorette lead. He said that consideration of whether “everybody’s ready” plays a big part. Then he noted many contestants don’t join the show “for the right reasons anymore.” He questioned motives, suggesting they may be there to become an “influencer.” They look for them being there “for Peter.” Now comes the “but.”  Verbatim, Rob said, “Looking at all that. They all, I think, are very sincere; I think the girls are actually great…” However, look at what he said next: “but you look at everything and take that into account moving forward as we think about who the next Bachelorette is going to be.”

The word ‘but’ negates the positives mentioned before

Maybe you studied communications. Or, possibly you read about it online. However, instead of citing studies, TV Shows Ace selected a simple extract from Mary Catherine Pflug over on Medium. She correctly summed up the use of the word “But.” She noted: “‘But’ is a conjunction used to introduce something contrasting with what has already been mentioned.” In fact, everything after the “but” often “negates” what came before that.

You probably heard it before in your life. For example: “You work hard and we appreciate your efforts, but we have to let you go.” Or, “We just love your idea, but, we’ll run with Fred’s instead.” Get the drift? So, now let’s remove what came before The Bachelor exec’s “but.” If we look at it this way, we see that he said the girls in the previous season supported each other. The current season, they support each other less. Possibly their motivations weren’t all that altruistic. Therefore, those factors will be taken into account when selecting the next The Bachelorette lead.

What do you think about that? Do you think he just dropped a hint the next The Bachelorette may not come from Peter’s contestants? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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