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‘Counting On’: Will There Be A Birth Special For Bella Duggar?

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On a recent Instagram post from Josiah and Lauren Duggar, Counting On fans began to wonder if there will be a birth special for Bella Duggar. Bella is Josiah and Lauren’s first baby. She was born in early November. So far, there has not been a birth special.

One fan asked, “Beautiful baby and what a smile! 😍❤️ Will your birth be aired? 💜” Another asked, “Will be they be doing a quick turnaround video of her birth? Congratulations!” At this time, Lauren has yet to reply. Fans are very curious though.

Some Counting On fans have even replied to these questions and speculated about the possible birth special. One fan thought that the birth special would not air until next season. Another added, “they usually do a birth special so it should be released soon. Unless Lauren chose not too”. While it’s possible that it would air next season, TLC sometimes squeezes things like this into existing seasons.

Typically, when a Duggar baby is born, Counting On airs a birth special. Addison, Joseph and Kendra’s baby, was born in November. Within about a month, her birth was aired on TLC. These birth specials are also available to be streamed via

How many more Counting On women are expecting?

In the Duggar family, there are lots of people. This means that there is a potential for a lot of babies. Right now, only one more Duggar woman is expecting. Abbie, John-David’s wife, is expecting their first child. She is due in January and is having a girl.

Surprisingly, there haven’t been any more announcements of a Duggar baby on the way. Of course, perhaps one of the family members is waiting to make that announcement. They could be waiting for all of the baby girl news to blow over. Three baby girls were born to the Counting On stars in the month of November. First, Joe and Kendra had their daughter, Addison. A few days later, Bella, Josiah and Lauren’s baby, was born. Then, a few days later, Anna and Josh welcomed their sixth child, Maryella, to the world.

As of right now, fans don’t have a final answer on whether there will be a birth special of Bella’s birth. There’s a possibility that it comes out soon. Stay tuned for more updates.

What do you think about a birth special of Bella’s birth? Do you enjoy the Duggar birth specials on Counting On? Leave a comment below.

Counting On airs on TLC on Tuesdays.

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