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‘Gold Rush’: Parker Schnabel Working With Aussie Gold Mining Beauty In ‘Parker’s Trail’

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Has Gold Rush star Parker Schnabel met his match? As TV Shows Ace recently reported, he is currently filming Parker’s Trail Down Under. The most interesting part is that he is an Aussie gold mining beauty, whose gold mining pedigree is even more impressive than Parker’s!  What do we know?

Parker Schnabel Filming Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail In Australia

Recently, TV Shows Ace reported that Parker Schnabel is in Australia, filming Parker’s Trail. Parker first enticed Gold Rush fans by holding up two humongous pieces of gold. They looked like dish sponges, they were so huge! Turns out, this was not some Klondike golden stash, but instead, golden treasure in the land Down Under. This was not a scene from Gold Rush Season 10, but instead, from his Aussie adventure, checking out the gold mining scene there. Helping him out is an attractive, blonde gold miner, Tyler Mahoney.

Who Is Gold Miner Tyler Mahoney?

According to her website, The Prospectors Club, Tyler Mahoney is fourth generation gold mining prospecting family. She is from Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. That is about 370 miles northeast of Perth. Like Alaska, Kalgoorlie had a huge gold rush in the late 1800s.

Needless to say, after four generations, the Mahoney family knows quite a bit about gold. Tyler and her folks have experienced everything from “humble detecting to full blown mining operations. Detecting, open cuts, pushing, excavators, dry blowing, leach plants, loaming and panning we do it all.” Her family, who has owned a gold shop for over a decade, was determined to share their extensive knowledge, and that is how The Prospectors Club was started, with Tyler as their spokesperson.

That is not all. Tyler also has her own handmade, sustainable jewelry and swimwear line called Mae by Tyler. It is all made from recycled ocean waste. She even models her swimsuits on Instagram.

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Gold Rush Star Parker Schnabel, Meet Tyler Mahoney

Parker Schnabel is a third generation gold miner. He is a successful miner because he learned from the best: Grandpa John Schnabel. It is pretty cool that he will meet up with an Aussie version of himself while he films Parker’s Trail! It could be interesting to see if they agree with each other’s gold mining philosophies and techniques. We may already have a hint that Tyler thinks that Parker may need to toughen up if he is going to gold mine, Australian-style.

Tyler Mahoney shared that she was with the Gold Rush young gun, as she posted a selfie, along with Parker Schnabel and Fred Lewis. She included the caption “‘It won’t get much hotter than this.’ The Americans at 29 degrees.” She is referring to Australia, so this means it is in the mid-80s right now. That is normal temps for this part of Australia. And for those who don’t realize it, it is now spring Down Under, so they are heading into the super hot Aussie summer. Seems like she was giving them a bit of a hard time about dealing with the heat. Parker best be more worked about the deadly spiders and snakes in the outback!

Where Is Ashley Youle?

Despite these revealing teasers, there is not much more information on Parker’s gold mining adventure in Australia. Inquiring fans also want to see photos of Parker Schnabel reuniting with his ex-girlfriend and Gold Rush star, Ashley Youle.

Parker did share a photo of him, Fred, Tyler, and Matt Newman, the founder of the clothing line ONEBYONE, enjoying libations at The Budgie Smuggler, in the Melbourne, Australia area. Ashley lives in Melbourne. Was Parker able to meet up with his ex-girlfriend? No one is giving any clues. At least, not yet.

Gold Rush fans, are you excited about the new season of Parker’s Trail? Be sure to check back with the latest Gold Rush news. Gold Rush airs Friday nights on Discovery. Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail will air in the spring 2020.

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