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Tyler Cameron Of ‘The Bachelorette’ Talks Dating After Gigi And The Last Time He Talked To Hannah Brown

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Tyler Cameron isn’t afraid to talk about his love life. He told US Weekly that he wasn’t worried about dating after Gigi Hadid and Hannah Brown. He’s been talking to the latest Bachelorette and fans are excited about that. Fans hoped after things didn’t work out for her and the final rose receiver, she’d give him another chance. Then, he started seeing Gigi.

Tyler said, “we’re friends and I think she’s an incredible girl and I have so much love for her.” He said he wants her to be successful and have the best. Cameron revealed he talked to her on her birthday last month.

Tyler Cameron doesn’t know what happens next

Tyler Cameron says he’s just trying to live day to day. A source recently said he and Gigi are over after spending time together. Gigi Hadid never talked about her relationship with Tyler Cameron. She’s not talked about the relationship being over either.

According to Elle magazine, she did wear a something that made a statement without words. Her sweater said, “boys lie. Goodbye.” Tyler had said on a couple interviews before they broke up, that the two were just friends. No one really bought that after she took him to her grandma’s funeral and an MTV award after-party. Cameron says he’s not going to be seeing anyone and especially not anyone in the reality setting.

Cameron went on to say he didn’t mean that in a bad way. He just means dating girls is the last thing on his mind, because he’s so busy right now. When asked if he would like to compete on DWTS, he said, “who knows, I like to dance!” There are plenty Bachelor nation fans who would love to see him compete and there are several that would love to see him and Hannah give it another chance.

Tyler Cameron also isn’t shy about sharing his opinion on others behavior. Kanye West had commented that his wife was wearing a corset, and that was like underwear, but who was she getting sexy for? She shot back that he built her up to be sexy and just because he was on a journey of transformation doesn’t mean she is. Tyler Cameron said Kanye shouldn’t have worried that Kim was too sexy for the Met Gala, women are supposed to be sexy. He stands by it and said Kanye could tweet him if he wanted to.

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