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‘Temptation Island’ Season 2 Exclusive Interview as Rick Talks Jealousy After Week 2

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Temptation Island Season 2 is really heating up. This week TV Shows Ace got the chance to talk to Rick about what went down this week with his girlfriend Ashley.

Rick talks about leaving his girlfriend on Temptation Island

Was it odd asking someone out with your girlfriend right there?

“It was definitely weird asking someone out in front of my girlfriend for the simple fact that Ashley is crazy. I’m surprised she didn’t snatch my ass up.  Me speaking to any woman in public would make her feel uncomfortable so I know asking a girl out in front of her had her blood boiling.”

You simply held hands with a girl and Ashley was already in tears. Do you feel like that was guilt?

“Ashley can get jealous over the slightest things for sure but she 100% felt a level of guilt. I know she probably figured I’d be out on the island hooking up with girls left and right.”

Rick talks about seeing things get hot with his girl and KB

Were you shocked by what you saw on the video that night?

“I was so shocked, surprised, confused and embarrassed. There were a number of feelings I felt watching that video at the bonfire.”

Did what you saw make you change how you do things this season?

“After seeing that video, I didn’t know what to do or think. My intentions in coming to Temptation Island were to prove Ashley wrong in that I know how to act when I’m not around her. So now I’m kind of like maybe I should revert back to old rick and fully enjoy the island?”

Do things get pretty wild this season?

“Things start to heat up, haha. Only way to find out is to tune in on Thursdays. Let’s just say I start to open up a bit.”

Do you regret your decision to come to the show?

“I don’t like to live life in regret. But instead, I try to make the best out of every situation and learn something out of it.”

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