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Tammy Slaton Hospitalized: Life Support, Septic, Tracheotomy

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Tammy Slaton of 1000-Lb. Sisters has been hospitalized. The TLC personality uploaded a video to TikTok with an update on her health and weight loss journey. She explained that things have been pretty rough for her for a while now. So, rough that she landed in the hospital with carbon dioxide poisoning.

Her video update reveals that after being hospitalized she learned she was septic. She was placed on life support. And, they had to perform a tracheotomy on her. How is Tammy Slaton doing and is she getting out of the hospital any time soon?

1000 Lb Sisters - Tammy Slaton - Youtube
1000 Lb Sisters – Tammy Slaton – Youtube

Tammy Slaton Hospitalized: Life Support, Septic, Tracheotomy

The 1000-Lb. Sisters star tells her fans that from the months of July to August she was not herself. She reveals that she had a bit of a mental breakdown and really struggled with life. Things got so bad for Tammy that they had to take a break from filming Season 3 of 1000-Lb. Sisters in September. She explained that they resumed filming and wrapped up filming in October. Tammy added that they are no longer filming because Season 3 is currently airing on television.

According to the TLC personality, she was hospitalized for carbon dioxide poisoning. Chatter on Reddit discussed whether she meant dioxide or monoxide. Being that she is morbidly obese, respiratory therapists chimed in to argue that dioxide made more sense.

Turns out, Tammy likely suffered from a condition called obesity hypoventilation syndrome (OHS). On Reddit, respiratory therapists explained that when someone is overweight they often don’t take deep enough breaths to clear the carbon dioxide (CO2) from their lungs. This, in turn, results in carbon dioxide poisoning.

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Leaving Hospital Soon, Headed To Rehab

No longer septic, Tammy Slaton is adjusting to having a trach in her throat. She explains that she is heading to a nursing rehab when she gets out of the hospital in a few days. Tammy Slaton explains she’s going to rehab so she can work on losing weight and building up her strength following her stay at the hospital.

1000-Lb. Sisters fans hope this hospitalization is the wake-up call Tammy Slaton needs to turn her life around and finally start dropping pounds.

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1000-Lb. Sisters fans react to Tammy Slaton getting hospitalized

It was a disturbing video and still leaves fans wondering is Tammy going to be ok? It will be interesting to see how TLC deals with this major leak in the new season.

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  1. Severe case of arrested development. Tammy is still 14, throwing fits, demanding she be taken care of. When other demand she do for herself she might have a chance. I see a dying girl in her eyes. No regrets. She is living the way she wants. Food is her hobby, her friend, her lover, companion and mother. She needs no one else. She does not want different She says it but it is not in her soul. Leave her be. Her mother was right to get the plot. She will need soon

    1. I agree. I’ve followed these women on Youtube for a long time and neither of them are particularly nice people… Tammy is just an overgrown toddler who is facing death but still refuses to do anything about it. It’s kind of hard to feel any sympathy for her.

  2. It’s a sickness for sure. Looking at the entire family it’s genetics. I worry when I hear the brother talk and he seems out of breath. The bottom feeder boyfriends that Tammy hooks up with are just putting her into the ground that much faster. I wish them all good health and happiness.

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