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Robyn Brown Offers Kody Advice On How To Handle Christine Properly

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Robyn Brown is quick to shut down Kody’s plan of attack regarding how to handle Christine following her meltdown. His newest and youngest wife insists that his planned approach isn’t the right way to handle the situation. And, she proceeds to offer him advice on how to properly handle Christine. What kind of advice does Robyn Brown have for Kody? Keep reading to find out.

Warning: Spoilers from the Season 16 Premiere of Sister Wives!

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Robyn Brown offers Kody advice on managing Christine

During the Season 16 Premiere of Sister Wives, Kody Brown spends some time “getting the temperatures” of his wives. He wants to see how they feel about Christine wanting to move to Utah. Kody admits he doesn’t really feel strongly one way or the other. And, it sounds like he just wants whatever is the easiest solution to his problem.

Kody Brown - Robyn Brown Youtube

Janelle Brown was quick to shut down the idea. She has no interest in moving to Utah. She noted there was nothing in Utah for her. And, she basically told Kody not to let the door hit him on the way out if he decided to leave.

Robyn Brown also made it clear she doesn’t want to move to Utah. She explained that she doesn’t want to live a transient lifestyle. She wants her children to have a place to grow up and call home.


Kody receives advice from newest wife on handling Christine

Kody Brown proceeds to explain to Robyn that he plans to sit down with Christine. He plans to tell her that he spoke to each of the wives privately and asked how they felt about moving to Utah. Then, he plans on making it clear to Christine that none of her sister wives want to move to Utah.

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Robyn Brown, however, is quick to shut down this idea. She explained to Kody that approaching Christine in this way was NOT the best idea. Robyn insisted that he needed to find a better and more supportive way to discuss it with her. Kody thanked Robyn and said he appreciated the feedback. He also agreed that he would try to find a better way to discuss this with Christine.

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Did it surprise you that Robyn Brown was so quick to shut Kody down and tell him he was wrong? Did you like the advice she had to offer about how to handle Christine? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Kody Brown and his family.

The Season 16 Premiere of Sister Wives airs tonight only on TLC. Or, you can stream new episodes the same day they air as Discovery+ drops new episodes in the morning on the day they air.

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