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Real Reason Barry Weiss Left Storage Wars & Is Back

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Fan-favorite Barry Weiss has returned to Storage Wars after a hiatus. As one of the most entertaining members of the storage auction crew, fans wondered why he left in the first place.

Now in Season 14 fans got to see his return to the show. Nicknamed “The Collector,” Barry had a bit of a rough time after leaving the show. Not because he missed it, but because of other events in his life. Read on to see why he left and what happened while he was gone.

YouTube, Barry Weiss

Like we reported, Barry was the inspiration for the whole show. When the creator and voice-over narrator of the show, Thom Beers was having a drink with him he brought up modern treasure hunters.

Barry was intrigued by people buying storage lockers without seeing them. Fast forward to when the show was created, and Barry was right in the middle of it. His humor and ability to have fun with his winnings and losing were what made people love him.

Why Did Barry Weiss Leave The Show?

Barry Weiss left the show in Season 4 to pursue other things. One of those was his own series Barry’d Treasure. According to Newsweek, he then came back for another series, Storage Wars: Barry Strikes Back.

This show gave fans a bit of a behind-the-scenes look. He and his friend Kenny Crossley were on it together. In 2017 he left again saying he wanted to go while it was still popular.

In 2019 Barry was in a terrible motorcycle accident along with a friend Jamie Robinson. Jamie posted on social media letting fans know Barry was in much worse condition.

He’s Ready To Pick Back Up Where He Left Off

In the new season of Storage Wars, Barry Weiss is back in style. He pulled up in a 1939 Lincoln Zephyr ready to take on the storage scene again.

YouTube, Barry Weiss

Barry Weiss actually surprised the cast when he showed up. It’s been eight years since he was on the show. He told the audience he felt, “like a completely born-again bidder.” He turned a great profit on his first episode back. Fans thought he for sure was the winner of Episode 1. Weiss bought his first locker back for three hundred dollars. He ended with a profit of over fifteen hundred.

Fans Are Happy To See ‘The Collector’ Back In Action

Fans of the show are thrilled that he’s back. One said, “Soooo happy to hear you’ll be on the new season of Storage Wars the show hasn’t been the same without you.”

To find out about Barry Weiss’s net worth click here. What do you think about his return to reality television after such a long hiatus? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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