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Jeremiah Raber Welcomes New Family Member

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Breaking Amish and Return to Amish star Jeremiah Raber took to Instagram to welcome a new member to his family. The TLC personality took to Instagram just one hour ago to share his first picture of his new baby. What do we know about the newest member of Jeremiah Raber’s family? And, what does his new baby look like? Keep reading, we’ve got the details.

Jeremiah Raber welcomes new family member

The TLC personality took to Instagram pretty late tonight with some big news. He welcomed a new member to his family.

“Newest addition to the family!” The caption of his surprising Instagram post read.

Jeremiah Raber Instagram
Jeremiah Instagram

Turns out, the new member of his family was actually a little orange kitten. The kitten was extra fluffy and had adorable white paws. The kitten also appeared to be rocking a collar with a little bell on it.

Presently, Jeremiah has opted out of sharing details regarding the little guy’s name and gender.

Return to Amish fans react to the photo

Breaking Amish and Return to Amish fans flooded the comments of his Instagram post with reactions to the photo of Jeremiah Raber’s new baby. Some fans kept things simple with little more than a “congratulations” for the new addition to his family.

Jeremiah Raber of Return to Amish
Jeremiah Raber of Return to Amish [Image @jeremiah_raber/Instagram]
Others, however, wanted details on this new little bundle of joy! Here’s some of what his followers had to say in the comments:

  • “Aww she is a cutie! What did you name her?”
  • “Cats are the best… they protect your spirit.”
  • “What’s her/his name??
  • “What a beauty. I have a cat looks very similar ..her name is autumn and she rules the roost.”
  • “Cutie little fluffy man.”

Most of Jeremiah Raber’s fans had two big questions. First, what was the name of the adorable little guy/girl? Second, was this little bundle of joy a boy or a girl?

Jeremiah Raber Instagram
Jeremiah Raber Instagram

Unfortunately, Jeremiah Raber kept his post announcing the newest member of his family pretty simple. He didn’t reveal any details including the little one’s name or gender. Breaking Amish and Return to Amish fans hope he’ll spill the details soon.

Here is a picture of his new little bundle of joy:

Jeremiah Raber Instagram
Jeremiah Raber Instagram

Are you surprised Jeremiah Raber added a new member to his family? Don’t you think the little one is just adorable? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, let us know what you think the little one’s name is!

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