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Tayshia Adams Shares Diagnosis Following ER Visit

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Fans have been worried about fan-favorite Bachelorette Tayshia Adams this week. She ran the New York City Marathon on Sunday with Zac Clark and finished the 26.2 miles in less than five hours. Following the race, she said she was fine and recovering well. Thursday she found herself in the emergency room. Nobody knew what was going on but assumed it was from something related to the marathon. Saturday morning, Tayshia is clarifying what happened and fans may be surprised at what she had to say.

Tayshia Adams shares diagnosis that led her to the hospital

The Bachelorette Tayshia Adams ended up in the hospital emergency room this week. Fans were worried about her wondering what had happened that led her to the hospital. Many assumed it had something to do with the marathon recovery process. They were wrong.

Tayshia went to Instagram Saturday morning to share what happened and why she went to the hospital. She was quick to clarify that she wanted fans to know it had nothing to do with the marathon. She noted she was recovering well from the race and was even wearing heels again on Wednesday.

Zac Clark and Tayshia Adams
Zac Clark and Tayshia Adams

Her real problems began Wednesday night. Tayshia said she tossed and turned all night with bad stomach pains. She noted that she had some pain the few days previous but nothing too concerning. By Thursday morning, Tayshia’s pain was so bad she couldn’t sit up straight. She said she has a high pain tolerance and her pain was easily a 9 or 10. She said we decided to go in and get checked out so fans can assume Zac was with her.

Tayshia was advised to go to the emergency so cat scans, ultrasounds, and other testing could be completed. They ruled out appendicitis and kidney stones. In the end, Tayshia was diagnosed with a really bad kidney infection.

What happened next

Tayshia noted the hospital staff almost kept her overnight because her pain was so severe. However, she felt she would recover better and be more comfortable in her own bed. So, she was given medication and sent home. Since then, she said she’s feeling much better. Today she said she’s on the “up and up.” She still has some pain from time to time but nothing like it was.

Tayshia noted that part of the problem is her lack of drinking of water. She showed fans a large bottle of water with electrolyte flavoring in it saying this was the only way she could drink it. She vowed to try and drink at least 100 ounces daily to help prevent future infections.

Tayshia said she will continue to lay low and recover from her horrible week.

What do you think about Tayshia’s hospital scare?

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