Netflix series Locke and Key has been renewed for Season 3 ahead of debut of Season 2

‘Locke and Key’ Season 2: What to Expect

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New keys forged and new magic revealed. Locke and Key Season 2 opens on October 22nd on Netflix. This season, the Locke siblings will have much more to learn. What can we expect? What will the siblings have to overcome this time?

Locke and Key Season 2 Trailer

Let’s just get right to Locke and Key. In Season 2, we know that Nina Locke still mourns the death of her husband. In addition, she does not know that the kids possess the keys. Furthermore, she is completely unaware of the magic. Her children Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode are still using the power that the keys give. They are also trying to figure the key’s origins and if they pose a threat. They are unaware that the keys draw out dark creatures. As a result, these evil things pull to the power of the keys.

Locke and Key YouTube

From the trailer, it appears that Dodge will continue to manipulate Kinsey. She does this by turning into Gabe. She also has a new ally. Remember, Eden suffered a strike by the gold bullet. This means one thing, possession. A demon now controls her. This new alliance could spell double trouble for the Locke siblings.

Dodge/Gabe creates a new key. In those moments, we learn the key can bring about dark evil or the greatest good. In addition, we also learn that it is up to the forger of the key which one takes hold. There are hints of even more supernatural occurrences. Oh, and large spiders? This part gives off a Harry Potter vibe.  

Pondering Season 2

Locke and Key Season 2 sounds very exciting. However, the trailer only gives hints. But questions can still be derived. What are the monsters that come for the power of the keys? Who is the mysterious British Revolutionary War Captain? What beef does he have with the Lockes? Does Dodge successfully take up with Eden? Can that partnership fail, and Eden go to the other side? After all, she is a new demon and may not have as much animosity as Lucas. Consequently, Will they get Ellie back?

With so much to ponder, the excitement of Season 2 looms. The teasers, the villains, the magic, oh my. Fans are reassured that this season’s ride will be worth it. Netflix rules yet again. Their original series continues to dominate the streaming world. This series continues as one of the best coming out of the gate. The streaming giant assures that the weekend of October 22nd will be fantastic. Key Heads will flood the living rooms, man caves, and other establishments. Season 2 discussions will take place on social media abound. If you haven’t experienced Season 1, now’s the time to play catch up. It’s on Netflix and remember October 22nd is the Season 2 release date.

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