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Adam Busby BLASTED For Quints’ Dresses, Fires Back Sassy Response

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Adam Busby and his wife Danielle got BLASTED on Instagram late last night for the quints dresses in a photo he shared. As Adam Busby was known for doing, the OutDaughtered father wasted no time clapping back at the Instagram troll. What was it that got this individual so upset? And, what did Adam Busby have to say in response? Keep reading, we’ve got the scoop.

Danielle Busby Instagram
Danielle Busby Instagram

Adam Busby shares sweet tribute to his daughter

The OutDaughtered father considers himself blessed to have six beautiful daughters. He took to Instagram late last night to pay tribute to his six daughters in honor of National Daughter Day. He kicked off his post by describing his six beautiful little girls as “miracles.” Then, he proceeded to gush about how much he loved his girls.

We had the best day celebrating the girls and taking advantage of one of the most beautiful days this year with my little beauties.”

The five quints rocked light yellow sundresses with what looked like smiling fruit. Five of the six quints also rocked vibrant colored bows on top of their heads. Riley Busby was the only one of the five quints not rocking a bow. Blayke Busby stood behind her sisters also rocking a gorgeous sundress. Adam Busby stood proud with his arm around Blayke as he also stood behind the quints.

Those who follow Adam and Danielle on Instagram, know they had a very busy day with the girls yesterday. As we previously reported, they went on a pretty wild adventure.

Danielle Busby Instagram
Danielle Busby Instagram

One OutDaughtered fan slams the quints’ dresses

In a comment liked nearly a dozen times, one fan slammed Adam and Danielle Busby for continuing to dress the quints in matching outfits. The individual noted they wouldn’t spend nearly as much money on clothing if they didn’t insist on buying five of the same outfit so the girls could match. Now, there are a few reasons this criticism didn’t exactly make sense.

For starters, Adam and Danielle Busby are extremely successful. They don’t really have to worry about money. Adam and Danielle Busby also own a clothing boutique. So, they likely get a lot of the girls clothing through their business and it probably doesn’t cost them that much money. Furthermore, it is probably easier to buy six of the same outfit and then just buy enough outfits so they are sure each of the girls has enough to wear.

Now, those who follow Adam and Danielle Busby on Instagram know the girls get a lot of freedom. This includes picking out what they were. Danielle and Adam have both showed fans the girls often like dressing the same.

Adam Busby fires back, the comment gets deleted

Adam Busby fired back a sassy response asking the individual if that was how they handled their own all-girl set of quintuplets. Without saying it, Adam was just pointing out that people who aren’t in his and Danielle’s situation shouldn’t try to give him and her advice on how to parent properly.

Outdaughtered - Adam Busby Instagram
Outdaughtered – Adam Busby Instagram

The comment has since been deleted from Adam’s profile taking his response with it. But, there are several individuals who saw the comment and reacted to it. Most couldn’t believe someone would bring something so negative to such a sweet post.

Are you surprised Adam Busby and Danielle catch heat for dressing the girls in the same dresses? Do you like what Adam had to say in response? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on this TLC family.

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