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Were The Busby Quints First Day Of School Dresses Inappropriate?

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We recently revealed all five OutDaughtered Busby quints rocked the same dress from the Graeson Bee Boutique. Now, there is no denying the quints looked ADORABLE in their dresses. But, the dresses did raise some questions among fans. Namely, some wondered if the dresses were appropriate for school. Were they showing a little too much skin? Keep reading to see why some fans were so concerned.

Should Danielle and Adam Busby have picked a more appropriate dress for the quints?

Danielle took to Instagram a couple days ago to share a photo of five dresses and ten shoes ready for the first day of school.

The dresses appeared to feature three different colors. A light grey for the negative space. Pink for the flowers. Green for the leaves and vines. They were very busy dresses. Dresses with a lot of intricate details.

Each of the Busby quints had a bow on top of their heads. For the most part, the bows were different colors. They, however, didn’t seem to help fans with telling the quints apart. One of the fans even noted using different colored bows for each of the girls was a great idea to make it easier to tell them apart. However, two of the quints are very clearly both wearing pink bows.

In the photo the fan left this comment on, however, it looks like one of the quints removed their bows. So, perhaps the bows were used to make it easier for the teachers to identify the quints.

One OutDaughtered fan questioned if the thin straps were appropriate for school.

Now, most of the comments in the photos featuring the dresses had nothing but good things to say. They gushed about how cute girls were. They gushed about the dresses. And, they felt overwhelmed with how much the girls have grown. But, the topic of dress code did find its way into the comments. Did the school really allow such thin straps on the dresses?

“Are they allowed to wear spaghetti straps in their school bc I wasn’t allowed when I was in grade school?” One individual penned in the comments.

Danielle Busby Instagram

Some individuals were happy to answer the questions and others criticized the individual for even asking it. One person wanted to know “why” the original poster cared. The original poster responded noting they were just curious and didn’t mean anything malicious by it.

A separate OutDaughtered fan explained dress code doesn’t typically kick in till second or third grade. This statement, however, likely varies depending on where the girls go to school. Most schools have their own specific dress code.

Spaghetti straps considered inappropriate? Fans wonder why

Things got a little heated in the responses of this comment. Some OutDaughtered fans questioned why spaghetti straps would be not allowed per the dress code. “Inappropriate dress” another individual explained in response.

The word inappropriate caused some to turn up their nose in disgust. They didn’t understand why seeing the shoulder of such a young child should be viewed as “inappropriate.”

“In what way? What’s inappropriate on kids’ shoulders? Sick way to think.” One fan insisted.

“Don’t crucify me. It’s a common ban in schools.” Another explained.

Several others chimed in on thinking the dress code restriction on such small kids was “ridiculous.”

Danielle Busby did not appear to get in on the conversation.

So, do you think the dresses the Busby quints wore on their first day were not appropriate?

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