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Todd & Chase Chrisley Break Silence On Exploiting Lindsie Rumors

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There were nasty rumors swirling that Todd and Chase Chrisley had an adult video featuring Lindsie and The Bachelorette star Robby Hayes. The rumors claim that they were exploring Lindsie and using the adult video to blackmail her. Likewise, fans know Lindsie Chrisley WAS married to her husband Will Campbell when the adult video was alleged to have happened. Moreover, even Robby Hayes had gone on record confirming there was a tape that existed.

Both Todd Chrisley and his son Chase have kept silent about the whole exploiting Lindsie Chrisley rumors. But, the topic came up during this week’s episode of Chrisley Confessions.

Chrisley Knows Best - Todd Chrisley - Chase Chrisley
Chrisley Knows Best – Todd Chrisley – Chase Chrisley

Todd and Chase break silence on exploiting Lindsie

Todd Chrisley explained that he and Chase had opted to stay silent when it came to the rumors they exploited Lindsie over an adult video. He explained it was their attornies that encouraged them just to stay silent on the rumors. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop the rumors from spreading on media outlets. Todd acknowledged the rumors made his son Chase look really bad.

Chase Chrisley acknowledges that people are going to believe whatever they want to believe. But, he knows who he really is. And, he knows that he NEVER exploited his sister with an adult video. Todd Chrisley chimed in to add something they’d learned more recently. Turns out, there was NEVER an adult video to begin with. The rumors claimed Chase and his father Todd were using this video to blackmail Lindsie. To hold it over her head. A video that Todd Chrisley has recently confirmed never even existed.

Chase Chrisley - Lindsie Chrisley

He’ll always love his sister

During the podcast, Chase addressed his sister directly in the off chance she was listening. He noted that she would always be his sister and he would always love her. He added that he was just a phone call away if she ever needed anything. Chase Chrisley says he wouldn’t hesitate to help Lindsie, Jackson, or even Will if Will needed help. Todd doubled down on this sentiment because that was what it meant to be family. Todd Chrisley acknowledges that you can’t choose your family. He, like Chase, notes that he will always love Lindsie.

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