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Amy King Releases Weird Old Photo, Her & Josh Duggar Playing Together

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Recently, Amy King shared an old, weird photo of herself and her cousin Josh Duggar. In the photo, they appear to be somewhat close, but these days, Amy doesn’t seem to be the biggest fan of Josh.

As you may know, Josh was arrested in April for the possession of child pornography. Right now, he’s staying with a guardian as he waits for his trial in November. The former TLC star claims he’s innocent, but only time will tell the truth about this scandal.

Since his arrest, Amy has shared several cryptic posts that appear to be about her cousin. She subtly urged his wife Anna to pack her bags and leave him. On Friday, she posted a quote about toxic family members, firing shots at Jim Bob and Josh.

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Fans are convinced that Amy’s recent cryptic posts are about Josh and his ongoing scandal. While there’s no way to know for sure, fans think they must be directed toward him.

Though Amy doesn’t seem to be close to her cousin these days, she released a photo of herself and him together years ago.

Amy King and Josh Duggar play together in the odd photo.

In a new social media post, Katie Joy of Without A Crystal Ball shared an old photo of Amy and Josh together. In the past, Amy and Katie have connected over their mutual interest in the Duggar family. So, it looks like Amy sent this picture to Katie, and then Katie decided to post it.

Along with the photo, Katie wrote, “Amy Duggar King – if only.. you subconsciously knew all along.” In the snap, Amy and Josh are playing Cops and Robbers. Amy is pointing a finger gun at her cousin.

In the comments section, fans and critics of the Duggar family are talking about this old picture and how interesting it is. One writes, “Foreshadowing the future. Katie and Amy ya’ll rock!!”

Another adds, “Makes you really wonder why JB made them sign NDA’s…”

Someone else writes, “His face gives me the chills.” 

Others are pointing out how funny and ironic the old photo is, especially knowing what we know about him now.

@WithoutACrystalBall Instagram

So, what do you think of the weird old photo Amy King shared? Are you surprised to see this photo of them together? Do you think it means anything? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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