Jenelle Evans Twerks In Bikini With Kids Amid Day Drinking Accusations

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Jenelle Evans is having a difficult summer. The former Teen Mom 2 star reveals she is facing medical issues that are causing her many difficulties with pain. Jenelle also claims these same medical issues are preventing her from working.

However, according to The Sun, Jenelle Evans’s medical conditions are not preventing her from hitting up TikTok regularly.  Jenelle seemingly has all the energy in the world to post dance videos that reveal her twerking and day drinking while with her three kids. However, the former reality star spends most of her TikTok videos dressed in a bikini at her pool.

Fans Lash Out At Jenelle Evans’ Behavior


 Social media fans are are accusing Jenelle of “drinking every single day.” Jenelle’s followers can’t figure out how the self-proclaimed social media influencer has the energy to dance and drink when she claims she is so ill.

In Jenelle’s latest clip, she sports a yellow bikini top with blue bottoms as she prances around to the Hannah Montana theme song. Fans find it inappropriate that Jenelle is twerking alongside her children Jace, 12, Kaiser, 7, and Ensley, 4, all while holding a beer in her hand.

Evans, 29, captions the video with the hashtag, “You got the limo out front,” before making sure to tag Miley Cyrus. While some commenters praised Jenelle for spending time with her children, others are not appreciating her behavior. One person sarcastically wrote: “Amen, she’s healed from reflux. GERD, etc – she can drink!”

Is Jenelle Setting A Bad Example For Her Children?

However, others feel that Jenelle is setting a poor example for her children. She is often complaining to social media about her numerous health problems. These issues include blinding headaches, neck, back, and arm pain, weakness, and sometimes paralysis.

At times she states cannot eat due to trouble swallowing.“Aggravating all those health problems by drinking daily… okay,” one person wrote. Another said: “It seems like you drink every. single. Day!!! It can’t be good for your health problems.”

Some followers believe that Jenelle may be faking her health issues to gain attention and make excuses for why she is currently not working. However, Evans will argue that her health issues are real, claiming numerous medical receipts will prove otherwise.

But, some fans feel no sympathy for Evans and her poor health problems. If she was as ill as she claims, fans think she certainly would be doing more to improve her health. Meaning, number one, eliminate daily drinking.

What Is Next?

Next, do whatever it takes to stay well to maintain a steady job and income to support her family. “David Eason‘s knife business surely cannot generate enough revenue to sustain a stable and sufficient enough income to pay the bills,” comments another.

Some even suggest that Evans is using all her health claims to secure a paper trail in hopes of locking in a monthly disability check soon. Should that be Jenelle’s goal, she may want to rethink sharing every detail of her life on social media. Or take her fans’ advice and figure out how to work through the pain to earn a living.


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