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Jackson & Lilah Roloff Have A Dance Party: See Their Moves (VIDEO)

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Lilah and Jackson Roloff have the typical sibling relationship. The little girl worships her older brother, and he puts up with her… most of the time. Jackson recently showed off his dance moves and little Lilah Bean did her best to mimic his slick moves. What resulted is the cutest Roloff dance party you’ll ever see. 

Jackson Hilariously Sits on Lilah on His Way to Time-Out 

Disciplining your kids is one of the worst parts of being a parent. For Tori and Zach Roloff, the hardest part is to keep a straight face. On a recent episode of Little People, Big World, the parents of Jackson and Lilah Roloff attempted to keep Jackson in line. 

Naughty Jackson refused to listen to his parents, so he got sent to his room for a short time-out. But there’s just one thing he had to do on his way out of his room. In a hilarious act of defiance, he plopped his behind on his little sister. Lilah didn’t seem fazed by the behavior. 

However, after time-out is over, Jackson has to apologize to Lilah. “Sorry for sitting on you,” he sheepishly says, as Tori and Zach can barely contain their laughter. Head over to Us Weekly to enjoy the funny clip. 

Lilah and Jackson Roloff/Instagram
Lilah and Jackson Roloff/Instagram

Lilah Kicks Off Roloff Dance Party 

Tori Roloff shared an adorable video of Lilah and Jackson that will surely keep fans in stitches. In the first video she shared on her Instagram Stories, Lilah adorably shimmies her hips. As Lilah twists, her little brown dress floats around her. Tori wrote, “Get It Girl” on the cute video. 

Just as Lilah is getting into the dance, she loses her balance and sits on the ground. 

Move Over Jagger, Lilah’s Got Moves Like Jackson 

[Apologies to Maroon 5.]

It turns out that Lilah didn’t just randomly start dancing. Tori shared a follow-up video that shows where Lilah is getting her inspiration from. The video starts with Lilah clapping and then scissoring her hands. 

The camera then pans to Jackson doing the same movements. Yep, Lilah Roloff was mimicking her big brother. Then Jackson seemingly started break dancing on the couch cushions. Tori wrote that Lilah “isn’t ready” for those moves just yet. 

Did you enjoy the Lilah and Jackson Roloff dance party? Share your thoughts in the comments. Don’t forget to bookmark TV Shows Ace for more updates on the Roloff family. 

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