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‘LPBW’ Lilah Roloff Goes All Out As Land Creature, See Pics

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Lilah Roloff is following in her big brother’s footsteps! The tyke is starting to break out of her shell and become more adventurous. The LPBW family spent another summer day at the beach. Keep reading to see what kind of shenanigans Lilah and Jackson got up to. 

Last Hurrah Before Jackson Goes Back to School 

Like many families, Zach and Tori Roloff are enjoying quality time with the kids before school resumes. Lilah is too young for school, but Jackson should be heading back to school soon for another year of pre-k or kindergarten. 

Lilah Roloff via Tori Roloff/Instagram
Lilah Roloff via Tori Roloff/Instagram

Both Jackson and Lilah had an adventurous summer. Jackson was treated to a solo trip to Disneyland with Tori. He also went on his first roller coaster ride. The whole family enjoyed a day together at a local lake in Oregon. 

Tori and Zach also found time to meet up with Jill and Derick Duggar for a TLC crossover that fans loved. The Duggars are in Oregon on vacation and finally met up with some of the Roloff family, including Zach and his wife. 

Zach and Tori fit in at least one last vacation to the beach with the kids. Both Jackson and Lilah had unique experiences during the vacation. Tori Roloff shared the adventures on her Instagram Stories.

Lilah Roloff: Land Creature 

Lilah Roloff is at the age where she loves to pretend. Tori shared a video of Lilah in the sand. In the video, Lilah looks directly at the camera and says “Hi” before crawling away. She looks like a land creature, perhaps a crab. See the adorable video. 

Jackson Roloff Gets Buried

One of the greatest beach traditions is the sand burial. Beachgoers dig themselves a hole, crawl in and let their friends and family bury them up to their neck. Kids love the game, though it can be dangerous if an adult isn’t there to supervise. 

However, Tori was on hand to help bury Jackson and take photos of the time-honored tradition. 

Jackson Roloff via Tori Roloff/Instagram
Jackson Roloff via Tori Roloff/Instagram

While Lilah Roloff didn’t get buried, she did get in on the action of playing with the sand. In another video shared by Tori, Lilah throws sand at Murphy, the family dog. The Bernese Mountain Dog didn’t seem fazed by the sand, since little Lilah couldn’t throw it very far anyway. 

What kind of land creature do you think Lilah Roloff resembles in the video? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 

LPBW just wrapped up Season 22. TLC has yet to announce plans for more seasons. However, Amy Roloff is hopefully getting married in two weeks and a camera crew will likely film her wedding for airing at a later date.

Bookmark TV Shows Ace for more updates on the Roloff family.  Enjoy this bonus video of Lilah and Jackson enjoying a dip in the pool.

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