Riley Busby/Credit: Danielle Busby/Instagram

‘OutDaughtered’: Uncle Dale Warns Not To Trust Riley Busby & Here’s Why

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OutDaughtered fans know “Uncle Dale” Mills loves to troll his sister-in-law. However, Danielle isn’t the only Busby in Dale’s crosshairs. When Adam Busby shared a series of photos of Riley, Uncle Dale took to the comments to warn fans. Don’t trust Riley, he joked. Keep reading to find out why Riley Busby is untrustworthy in her uncle’s eyes. 

OutDaughtered Quint a Firecracker’

OutDaughtered fans have watched the five quints establish their own personalities. Adam and Danielle Busby consider Riley the adventurous one. Over the July 4th holiday, Danielle Busby referred to Riley as the family “firecracker.” 

In a new post from the Busby beach vacation, Riley’s dad calls her his “spitfire.” What did she do to deserve such a nickname? 

PK and Riley Busby/Credit: Danielle Busby/Instagram
PK and Riley Busby/Credit: Danielle Busby/Instagram

Riley Busby vs. Seagulls 

Adam, Danielle and their six girls have been enjoying a vacation at Orange Beach in Alabama. The white sand beach is located on the shores of the Gulf Coast. As with any beach trip, beachgoers are surrounded by seagulls. 

Earlier in the week, Adam shared photos on his Instagram Stories of Hazel and Ava getting photobombed by the seagulls. He later shared it to his main feed after getting so many requests. While Ava and Hazel’s visitors were unexpected, Riley Busby is the family bird whisperer. 

As their vacation neared the end, Adam shared a series of photos of Riley Busby’s interaction with the seagulls. In the photo progression, Riley lures around 20 seagulls to her. In the following photos, she chases them away. 

OutDaughtered Riley Busby vs. seagulls/Credit: Adam Busby/Instagram
‘OutDaughtered’ Riley Busby vs. seagulls/Credit: Adam Busby/Instagram

Surprisingly, fans were delighted by Riley’s game. In the photo caption, Adam brags that his daughter “sets them up and then attacks” the birds. However, Riley’s uncle, Dale Mills, had a different take on the series of events. 

Uncle Dale Doesn’t Trust Riley as Far as He Can Throw Her 

While OutDaughtered fans found Riley’s game adorable, Uncle Dale jokingly called her out. In response to Adam’s post, he left a warning for fans and birds. “Never trust that girl,” Dale cautioned. 

Uncle Dale Comment/Credit: Adam Busby/Instagram
Uncle Dale Comment/Credit: Adam Busby/Instagram

A few fans then replied to his comment with a joke of their own. They reminded him of the time Riley hit him in the face. One fan retorted that Uncle Dale is “just mad that at two she slapped you in the face when you weren’t expecting it!!” 

Do you think Uncle Dale’s joke was funny? Is he wrong about trusting Riley Busby? Share your thoughts in the comments below. Make sure to bookmark TV Shows Ace for all the latest OutDaughtered news. 

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