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‘Love Island USA’: New Girls Leslie & Genevieve Can’t Seem To Fit In

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Leslie Golden and Genevieve Shawcross are having a hard time fitting in at the villa. The new girls made their Love Island USA debut during Casa Amor. Now that they’ve made it into the villa, the boys are having second thoughts. They don’t think that the girls are genuine compared to the OGs.

It all started when the girls had a photoshoot while the boys worked out. The boys were so distracted that they couldn’t help but watch and laugh. Josh Goldstein was the first to question whether Leslie and Genny were genuine. He argued the girls are too focused on social media to develop a connection with any of the boys in the villa.

Shannon also has an issue with Genevieve

As Love Island USA fans already know, Shannon St. Claire and Genny don’t get along. In a previous episode, Genny addressed the issues between them. Shannon said in her confessional interview they are best friends, but it looks like anything but. At the end of Friday night’s episode, Shannon blew up at Genny after she questioned her bedroom activities with Josh.

Prior to that, the Casa Amor recoupling took place. After spending a few days separated, the couples had to decide whether they wanted to remain together or if they want to recouple with someone else they met at Casa Amor. Jeremy Hershberg was happy to recouple with Genny after Florita Diaz’s departure. While most of the islanders were happy for him, Shannon couldn’t help but mutter “poor boy.”

Fans wanted to know what happened between the two ladies. They already knew that Shannon and Genny knew each other before joining the show. In an earlier episode, Genny said that she was friends with Shannon’s little sister. As a result, Josh stayed away from her.

Fans realized that something happened between Genny and Shannon before. Genny made it clear that she wanted to snatch Josh away from her. Surprisingly, he remained faithful to Shannon and avoided Genny’s advances. Genny decided to shift her focus to the other men in order to retain her spot in the villa.

Will Leslie leave Love Island USA?

Like Genny, Leslie is having a hard time fitting in with the girls at the villa. Some Love Island USA fans are wondering if she left the show early. Some noticed that her voice was raspy during Friday night’s episode. Fans noticed that she’s “ineligible” for the favorite islander vote.

This led some to wonder if Leslie left the show. “Looks like Leslie packed her bags and left, she’s not on the voting list,” one fan tweeted. “Leslie got her Instagram pics and caused some drama so I guess it was time to leave,” another added.

According to the Love Island USA spoilers, Leslie may have already left the show. She’s back to updating her social media platform. Do you think Leslie and Genny will last in the villa? Sound off below in the comments.

Love Island USA airs Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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