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‘Love Island USA’: Shannon & Josh Became Fan Favorites — Here’s How

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At first, Love Island USA fans didn’t like Shannon St. Clair and Josh Goldstein. They didn’t think the two would last. Over the weeks, the couple defied everyone’s expectations. They rose about everything, including their little quarrels and trust issues.

Suddenly, Shannon and Joshua are America’s most popular couple. Fans feel they’re not only genuine but also the “solid” couple out of the entire villa. Shannon has been praised for her candidness. She’s not afraid to call out the other islanders – especially when it comes to their relationships.

Read on to learn how the tides have changed for these two.

Shannon and Joshua could win Love Island USA

The early predictions are in and Shannon and Josh could end up winning Season 3 of Love Island USA. They were coupled longer than Will Moncada and Kyra Lizama, who went through a cheating scandal. Will confessed to Kyra what happened at Casa Amor. The Colombian hunk couldn’t help himself and kissed Florence Mueller, in and out of the sheets.

Surprisingly, Kyra took it well. She didn’t cry as much as she did at Casa Amor. She took him back and the two haven’t discussed it since. What’s also surprising is that Josh was the most faithful man at Casa Amor. Shannon and Josh got back together during the recoupling.

[Credit: CBS/YouTube]
[Credit: CBS/YouTube]
Because of this, fans have a feeling they could win the $100,000 prize since they’re the strongest couple. The pair continue to work on their relationship rather than stray. While they were both tempted, they didn’t want anybody else. Fans can’t help but root for them since the other islanders are so messy with their relationships.

So far, Shannon and Josh are the strongest contenders. They could end up being America’s favorite islanders if Sunday night’s results are anything to go with. Fans are having a hard time rooting for anyone. They feel like most of the OGs should have gone home by now.

Shannon is the new fan-favorite

Love Island USA fans used to be annoyed with Shannon and her kissing skills. They also didn’t like that she stirs the drama. Now, she’s becoming a fan-favorite for “keeping it real.” Some of them took to Twitter to admit that while Shannon initially got on their nerves, they’re slowly warming up to her.

Shannon’s constant issues with her partner Josh and her need to stir the pot rubbed fans the wrong way. On Friday night’s episode, most took to Twitter to praise her after she called out Will for being unfaithful during Casa Amor. She also called out Genevieve Shawcross for bringing up their bedroom habits in front of the entire villa.

[Credit: CBS/YouTube]
[Credit: CBS/YouTube]
Shannon and Josh have been intimate, especially in the Hideaway. Genny’s comment annoyed Shannon so much that she went off on her. Shannon claimed the two were best friends, but their relationship seemed like anything but. Genny stormed off and cried after Shannon yelled at her.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree that Shannon and Josh should win? Has Shannon become your favorite girl? Sound off below in the comments.

Love Island USA airs Sunday at 9 p.m. ET on CBS.

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  1. I don’t know…I just truly don’t like the way she represents herself. I can’t say “I don’t like her” because I don’t know her. But what I do know from what is shown and my interpretation of that is she is a “mean girl”. It’s ok for her to talk about how she thinks about other people but if someone says something about her she can’t handle it. I guess a lot of it is her maturity, or lack there of, also because when she continually calls Josh, “hers”, “he’s mine” etc., it is like nails on a chalk board. You do NOT own him, he is his own person and from what I see, you need to work A LOT on you and your insecurities and trust issues

  2. Shannon snd Josh should win because they tackled so much and when the shit hit the fan she let him know, he knew he’d done her wrong and fixed it. No one should allow disrespect. Shannon put her foot down 👌

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