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Danielle Busby SCRAMBLES, Overwhelmed With Last-Minute Packing

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Watching Danielle Busby’s Instagram Stories last night gave fans serious anxiety as she admits to last-minute packing. The OutDaughtered mother has six children in addition to herself and her husband to pack for. They were leaving for their vacation soon and she’d barely packed a thing. The mother was clearly feeling overwhelmed as she scrambled through the house for last-minute packing.

Danielle Busby Instagram
Danielle Busby Instagram

Danielle Busby scrambles with last-minute packing, takes fans on a tour

The TLC personality took her Instagram followers on a tour of what the house looks like when packing. She explained Adam Busby wasn’t home right now. He was getting the Busby bus cleaned and taking care of routine maintenance. So, she was juggling caring for the children and getting packed. Unfortunately, this left the house in disarray which was REALLY stressing this momma out.

Danielle revealed that she had basically nothing packed. She showed a bag of towels and hats for the girls. Each of her daughters also packed their own travel bag with toys and activities to keep them busy. The OutDaughtered mother proceeded to take her followers on a tour. She showed them what the playroom looked like because the girls went through everything to pick and choose what to pack for the trip. She admitted she still had to go through everything because the girls always overpack. The last thing Danielle Busby wants to do is take too many toys or activities as it makes it easier to lose things along the way.

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She also showed the girls hanging out all over the living room on blankets and pillows as they watched a movie while mama Busby scrambled around the house to pack.

Danielle Busby also gave fans a look in a room with clothing all over the beds. She explained this was where she kept a lot of the quints’ clothing. She was currently trying to decide what to pack for the girls to wear. Turns out, Danielle busby would normally do a little shopping before a vacation like this. But, she didn’t have time to go shopping before they leave. So, she’s on the hunt to make clothing they already have work for this trip.

She’s also overwhelmed by laundry

Danielle Busby also snapped a photo of what her laundry room looks like after two loads of laundry are finished. With six children, herself, and her husband, fans can only imagine how much laundry this family does in a week.

Danielle Busby Shares Adorable Snaps Of A Quint Helping Her Pack

Do you think waiting until the last minute to pack was a mistake for Danielle Busby? Were you overwhelmed watching her tour of the house while packing? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Busby family.

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