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Katie Thurston Shares Intimate Details About How She Got Chest Scar

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There’s one question that fans always ask Katie Thurston. How did she get the scar on her chest? But she’s never shared the details before. Until now. Keep reading to find out where the scar is from.

Katie Thurston’s Scar Always Comes Up on Social Media 

Katie Thurston is a gorgeous woman. However, some fans fixate on the small scar on Katie’s chest. Fans of the show always ask about the mark on social media posts about the reality star. 

The TikTok sensation has never tried to hide the blemish. Nor has she ever directly addressed how she got the scar. But now Katie Thurston is breaking her silence about her chest scar in the hopes it will help other women. 

She Finally Explains Reason for Scar 

Katie Thurston has had the scar on her chest for ten years. The scar is the most visible when Katie is sporting tan skin. The white mark is faded, but is prominent in certain photos. If you’ve never noticed Katie’s scar, you can see it in the photo below. 

Credit: Katie Thurston/Instagram
Credit: Katie Thurston/Instagram

How did Katie Thurston get the scar? She took to her Instagram Stories to explain. The reality star wrote that she gets questions about it a lot. It happened when she was 20. Like many women, she found a lump in her breast. 

The scar is from the subsequent lumpectomy. 

Bachelorette Star Encourages Women to Be Their Own Advocate

Katie Thurston is lucky she found the lump early on. The Bachelorette reminds followers that women generally don’t get regular mammograms until after the age of 40. She doesn’t mention it, but many insurance companies won’t even cover the cost of a mammogram for women under 40! 

She likely knows this, as she encourages others to “be your biggest advocate” when it comes to your health. 

Why is she revealing this now?

Katie Thurston Highlights Ex Michael A.’s Foundation 

Many Bachelor Nation viewers’ hearts were broken when Michael Allio left Season 16 a few episodes before the end of the season. The frontrunner chose to self-eliminate to go home to his son. Fans are strongly rooting for Michael A. as the next Bachelor.

The single father won over viewers – and Katie – with his dedication to his late wife’s memory. Michael A.’s wife, Laura, passed away from breast cancer in 2019. She was just 33-years-old. 

The Bachelorette contestant started the L4 Mission in honor of his late wife. The non-profit helps raise awareness about cancer. It also provides support to families struggling with a cancer diagnosis. 

You can read more about the L4 project here. 

There are just two more episodes in Katie’s journey to love. Tune in to The Bachelorette Mondays on ABC. 

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