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CAT-astrophe? ABC Hired Audience Member To Kiss Connor On ‘MTA’

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Will Connor B. ever live down being dubbed the worst kisser in Bachelor Nation history? His kissing technique – or lack of – was a hot topic among viewers. In fact, Katie Thurston ultimately sent the suitor home because something was “missing” when they kissed.

During the Men Tell All special, a member of the audience volunteered to give Connor a kiss test. But was it all a plot from the producers? A shocking new report indicates it was all a ruse. 

Connor Sent Home For Being a Bad Kisser

Connor B. made quite the first impression on Katie Thurston. He showed up to greet The Bachelorette with a full-on cat costume, including whiskers. His entrance seemed purrfect for Katie, but she gave the first impression rose to another contestant, Greg. 

It wasn’t a total cat-astrophe, though. Connor did get a rose during the first rose ceremony. As the season progressed, he did his best to woo Katie. He seemed to check all her boxes except one. Sparks didn’t fly for Katie when Connor kissed her. The lack of chemistry ultimately caused Katie to boot Connor from The Bachelorette. 

He Took the Hot Seat on Men Tell All

On Monday, July 26, Katie’s cast-offs gathered to rehash the season’s most dramatic moments. Early on in the Men Tell All special, Connor took the hot seat to talk about his kissing.

Credit: Connor Brennan/Instagram
Credit: Connor Brennan/Instagram

He confessed to Tayshia and Kaitlyn that after his exit, he hit up a few of his exes. He said he asked them if he was a “trash kisser.” However, his exes assured him, like Katie, that it was lack of connection, not his kissing technique, that ended their romance.

At that point, a voice spoke up from the audience. The mystery woman told Connor he’s “adorable.” Furthermore, she doesn’t believe he’s a bad kisser and offers to come on stage to find out. 

After a passionate smooch, Connor plucked a rose from the table and handed it to his mysterious paramour. 

Wait, what?! ABC Hired Audience Member to Kiss Connor? See His Flirty Response

As Bachelor Nation is still recovering from the emotional and dramatic Men Tell All, a shocking allegation surfaced. Did ABC plant the mysterious lady in the audience and pay her to kiss Connor? Bachelorette fan account @bachelornation.scoop says yes. AND they claim to have proof of it. 

They shared a casting call that went out prior to the Men Tell All special. The casting call seeks “a couple of women” for the show. The described scenario includes one of the women speaking up just as it played out on the Men Tell All.

Connor B. saw the post and had a flirty response to the allegation. “I mean I didn’t mind,” he wrote. 

Credit: @bachelornation.scoop/Instagram
Credit: @bachelornation.scoop/Instagram

Many longtime Bachelor Nation fans weren’t fooled by the seemingly random audience member speaking up. Bustle compiled the most skeptic tweets from during the show, such as this one: 

Does it surprise you that Connor’s Men Tell All admirer was a plant from producers? Was Connor unfairly dubbed the worst kisser? Drop your thoughts in the comments below. 

Connor B.’s time on The Bachelorette may be over, but he’s taking his ukulele to Bachelor in Paradise later this summer. Click here to find out which of Katie’s other cast-offs are heading to Paradise.

Season 7 of the beachy guilty pleasure show premieres on Monday, August 16, only on ABC. 

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