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‘RHOBH’ Queen Bee Kyle Richards Runs From Hive Of Bees (VIDEO)

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Kyle Richards recently shared her bee attack. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star revealed a scary encounter when she accidentally walked into a beehive. She tried to escape, but it wasn’t enough. Kyle still got stung and had to go to the hospital.

While Kyle is the Queen Bee of RHOBH, bees are no match for this reality star. She is allergic to bees and had a panic attack after the incident. On Season 11 of the Bravo show, Kyle shared her positive COVID-19 diagnosis. However, she kept this to herself until a video surfaced on social media.

RHOBH star shares important PSA with fans

Kyle Richards had an important message for fans. Those with allergies must have an epi-pen on them at all times. However, there are moments when people simply forget or don’t think they need it. Kyle reminded fans that emergencies happen even when they least expect it.

“I share this story with you because I sometimes don’t bother to take my epi-pen with me,” Kyle shared via her Instagram Stories over the weekend. “I also don’t know why I couldn’t get mine to work. It’s important to look on YouTube and watch the videos of how to use it. There are different types of epi-pens and they each work differently. But also always call 911 even if you are able to use your epi-pen as they have to use other medications to help [with] breathing etc.”

[Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
She followed up with another photo on her Instagram Stories. This time, Kyle thanked first responders that helped her recover. Kyle suffered from a panic attack since she’s allergic to bees. At that moment, it was frightening. Thankfully, the television personality can laugh it off now but it wasn’t a laughing matter then.

[Credit: Kyle Richards/Instagram Stories]
[Credit: Kyle Richards/Instagram Stories]

Kyle Richards recalls bee attack

In her RHOBH Season 11 intro, Kyle Richards declares that “no one is taking this queen down.” Of course, that’s not the case when it comes to grizzly bears and bees. When Kyle moved into their new home, she accidentally walked into the beehive in their backyard. Bees are relatively harmless, but they attacked her to protect themselves.

The video shows Kyle running away from the beehive. She covered her face and tried to get away from them but she was still panicking. The bees followed her until she jumped into the pool fully clothed. Meanwhile, Kyle’s dogs looked on.


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“I can laugh at this video now but what you can’t see is that they were in my hair and were literally chasing me,” Kyle shared. “My family wasn’t home and for whatever reason, the people that work for me couldn’t hear me screaming for help. My landline wouldn’t dial 911 and my epi-pen was defective and wouldn’t open.”

Understandably, Kyle wasn’t sure if anybody would help her. This was a horrifying moment for the pop culture icon. But she got the help she needed. Kyle was admitted to the hospital to ensure that everything was okay.

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