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Chelsea Houska Catches Heat For Editing Photos Of Her Children

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Teen Mom alum Chelsea Houska is catching heat for editing photos of her children. While Chelsea used to be one of the moms that had been with the Teen Mom franchise since the beginning, she left the series in October 2020. At the time of her departure, she shares that “it is best for her family if they move on from the show.” Also, she notes that it “wasn’t an easy decision.”

However, just because Chelsea Houska isn’t a part of Teen Mom anymore, that doesn’t mean that she’s left the public eye. At the time of announcing her departure from the MTV series, Chelsea also shares logo designs for her new home decor line with fans on Instagram. Sadly (at the time), the up-and-coming home decor line, Aubree Says, doesn’t seem well-received among fans. The U.S. Sun reports that one follower writes on Reddit, “This just feels like a bad move.” While another follower writes, “This color scheme makes me feel nauseous.”

Teen Mom Chelsea Houska catches heat for editing photos of her children

Now, Chelsea Houska catches heat for editing photos of her children. This latest bout of drama comes when Chelsea shares a before-and-after photo of herself and her youngest daughter, Walker, 5-months-old. The photos are a part of an Instagram Stories from Wednesday, July 21 that has since expired. Luckily, InTouch Weekly reports on all the details.

Teen Mom 2 Chelsea Houska
Instagram/ Chelsea DeBoer

The post is seemingly innocent. Chelsea uses the before-and-after photo to promote her Lightroom preset brand, Belle & Rae Co. She captions the photo with “Used pack: Bon Voyage.” So what has fans up in arms about the photo. One person writes, “I think she’ll regret having zero unfiltered photos when her kids are older.” Other arguments claim that the original looks better and the editing is “unnecessary.”

The photo filter drama isn’t necessary according to some

However, others are confused by all the drama. One fan explains that “it’s not as if you lose the original photo when you apply the filter.” Lastly, another fan remarks, “This is literally how she makes money and is her brand/aesthetic. Who gives a f–k if she changes the coloring on a photo.” Ultimately this begs the following question. How does Chelsea make money off of filtered photos? InTouch explains that she co-owns, Belle & Rae Co. The company creates “next level photos with our Lightroom presets.” It also boasts that they can “bring you photographer-quality edited photos.”

Check out the filtered photo here.


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What do you think about Teen Mom alum Chelsea Houska using filters on photos of her children? Did you know about her company, Belle & Rae? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more Teen Mom news.


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