Jill Duggar Dillard Reveals She Is Considering Drastic Hairstyle

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Jill Duggar claims she needs a change. The 30-year-old claims she is looking to try something different when it comes to her hair. Something so different she is considering getting dreadlocks, according to The Sun.

After signing into her Instagram account on Friday evening, Jill decided to recount a former conversation she shared with her husband, Derick Dillard, the following night. The Counting On alum shares with fans that she and Derrick had a previous conversation about her hairstyle. Jill claims she tells her husband she needs to try something new with her look and wanted to get all thoughts on the subject. While Derrick and Jill carried on their conversation via text, Jill shares the conversation.

Jill Duggar Shares Need For Change

She reveals, “I’ve chopped it once, never colored it, had a perm like forever ago (my mom and sisters and I used to do them!), and now I just mostly trim and get layers. “Love my hair, just thinking about doing something different to change it up.”

Jill adds two photos of multiple hairstyles, including a poll to get her fans’ opinions on what they believe she should or should not try.

Photo option number one includes a photo of a woman wearing long curly locks. However, Jill’s fans, for the most part, were not too fond of the look.

Option number two reveals a blonde woman wearing long beach waves. To her surprise, many followers appear “love” the look. Option three displays a woman with reddish hair hanging loosely past her shoulders in thick waves. Again, Jill’s fans are also in favor of this option for the former TLC star.

Last but not least, Jill Duggar adds option four…Dreadlocks! As much as she claims she would be open to the idea of dreadlocks, her fans were pretty clear they felt the look was a big NO! for Jill. Jill went on to push the subject of dreadlocks with her fans, adding, “Y’all know I love a little earthy boho look….” “I actually do love the thin dreads or starting with just a few.”

Jill Duggar Instagram

What will The Duggar Family Think About Jill Changing Her Hair?

In the end, Jill Duggar is aware the choice is hers and hers alone with maybe a little opinion from husband Derick and their sons Israel and Samuel.

The most vocal opinions are sure to come from Jill Duggar’s mom and dad, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar. However, most Duggar family fans know that Jill Duggar will most likely not be too concerned with her family’s thoughts. Jill and Derick have been straightforward. They are choosing to live their lives their way. Since marrying, the two have decided to distance themselves from the family famous. 

 Life is growing increasingly complicated within the Duggar family circle. With everything currently taking place, Duggar family fans may well find that Jill’s free-style life could see many of the others soon following in suit.



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