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Hannah Reber: Engagement To Anna Duggar’s Brother NOT Arranged 

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The engagement of Hannah Reber and Anna Duggar’s brother is giving off serious arranged marriage vibes. Duggar followers are convinced David Keller was some sort of weird gift to the Rebers for their daughter Hannah in exchange for taking Josh in following his arrest. Duggar Snarks on Reddit, for example, are horrified Hannah Reber is willingly going along with this arrangement.

Hannah Reber responds to criticism of engagement

Both Hannah Reber and David Keller have Instagram accounts. But, they are both private. A few hours ago, however, the couple created a joint account. The joint account followed news of their engagement spreading on social media and across media outlets. The Instagram account has a single post on it. Posted 10 hours ago, the post contained a statement from Hannah Reber. In the statement, she responds to the criticism of their engagement.

“Nothing about David or I was prearranged.” Hannah Reber insisted in her caption as she shut down rumors that her engagement to Anna Duggar’s brother was arranged.

We chose each other. And I’d choose him again. He is giving and loving and kind. He’s helped me to see my value and see how beautiful life is. I haven’t always felt valued or seen. It’s overwhelming. It feels a lot like God’s love.”

The post included a beautiful photo of David and Hannah in a field of flowers. They were holding each other’s hands. Smiling as they gazed lovingly into each other’s eyes. They both were leaning back just enough to support each other’s weight. Duggar followers, however, are not buying what Hannah and David Keller are selling.

Not arranged? Duggar followers aren’t buying it

Now, Hannah Reber and David Keller’s shared Instagram account is extremely new. They only have about 700 followers. Their first and only post has 81 likes and just a handful of comments. But, the post is being discussed in fan groups all over various social media platforms. And, no one seems to be buying Hannah Reber met Anna Duggar’s brother by chance and fell in love.

“If it quacks like a duck…..” One individual penned in a comment on the Instagram post. The comment has been liked a few dozen times indicating others agree.

Anna Duggar’s Brother & Daughter Of Josh’s Guardians Get Engaged?!

Another individual jested as they pointed out just how short their courtship was: “Been an eventful 23 days.” Again, the comment was liked a couple dozen times. Someone even responded to the comment agreeing they thought the same thing.

Do you think this engagement between Hannah Reber and Anna Duggar’s brother was arranged? Or, do you think Hannah Reber is telling the truth? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Duggar family.

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  1. Ok…..what does the Bible say about divorce?????First of all, it’s not the unpardonable sin……Although God hates divorce he does allow it if there is abuse in the marriage and his adultery is definitely abuse. It’s not Anna’s fault so let’s not play the blame game. Josh has been given a second chance but he apparently has blown that! Yes, the family can continue to love him but not keep enabling him to continue in his sin. He needs a deliverance from the spirit of adultery and pornography and only God can do that. They can forgive him ( that does NOT mean they agree with him) because God has forgiven us but if Josh is proven guilty this time Anna should really consider a divorce for her sake and the sake of the children. If the Duggers don’t support her ( Jim Bob especially) then I don’t see how they can consider themselves to be Christians. We need to pray for Anna for wisdom and the strength to do what God tells her to do. What she needs right now is support, not condemnation.

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