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Courtney Waldrop Offers Potty Training Advice To Struggling Parents 

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Courtney Waldrop and her husband Eric have a unique situation where they had to potty train six children at the same time. Not to mention the duo also have three older children they’ve previously potty trained. In a way, one might consider the former TLC personalities potty training experts at this point.

Considering her deep love for her fans, it isn’t too surprising that Courtney would go out of her way to offer some potty training advice to struggling parents. In fact, it looks as if the advice was well-received and greatly appreciated by her Instagram followers.

Courtney and Eric Waldrop are officially done with diapers

As we previously reported, the former TLC couple recently celebrated a huge milestone on Instagram. They are officially done with diapers. The sextuplets have been potty trained! Courtney Waldrop was kind enough to explain her process on Instagram.

Turns out, she knew potty training a couple of the kids at a time would have been easier. But, their schedule didn’t really allow for that slow and steady process. So, they “put their big boy pants on.” And, they dedicated a week to potty training all six of the little ones at one time.

Courtney Waldrop - Youtube
Courtney Waldrop – Youtube

The former TLC mother offers potty training advice

Courtney Waldrop admitted on Instagram she is not afraid of potty training. She doesn’t think it is that hard of a thing to do. It, however, was terrifying to figure out how to potty train so many at the same time. After experiencing it, she wanted to offer some advice to her followers. According to Courtney, the child being ready to potty train is only half of the equation. Mommy (or daddy) also have to be ready for potty training to be successful.

So for all you sweet mommas out there potty training I have no expert advice…..the one and only thing you need to remember is…do it when YOU’RE ready!!! If Momma ain’t ready..ain’t no body ready!! No one persons life is the same…everyone has different obstacles, different schedules, other children, and just different dynamics that might make accomplishments come at a later date than what might be the norm!!”

She continued: “So as you all are always sending me sweet and encouraging words that put a smile on my face each and every day. I now want to be the one to send an encouraging word to you!! And say YOU’RE DOING GREAT!! Always know that!! What seems impossible today could end up being your proudest memory!!”

Don’t you think Courtney and Eric Waldrop should be considered potty training experts at this point? Do you appreciate the advice they had to offer? Let us know if you have any potty training advice in the comments! And, keep coming back for the latest on the Waldrop family!

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