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Ali Fedotowsky Regrets One Thing About ‘The Bachelorette’ & It’s Not What You Think

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Ali Fedotowsky’s biggest regret from her time on The Bachelorette wasn’t missing out on time with a certain guy. It wasn’t making the wrong choice or sending someone home too early. It was something fans wouldn’t expect her to regret.

In Season 6, Ali was The Bachelorette. She accepted a proposal in the end from Roberto Martinez. The two decided to go their separate ways after a year. She is now happily married to Kevin Manno. Together they have two children, but she does reflect on things she did wrong in a recent Instagram Q and A.

What Did Ali Fedotowsky Regret About Her Season?

Ali Fedotowsky regrets her hairdo. She said, “seriously my style was horrible when I was on the show. She also said she wished she’d enjoyed it more according to US Weekly. Ultimately, she had no regrets. Her motto is, “never apologize for being a strong woman.” Bachelor Nation loves her and continues to follow her story and her family on social media.

Ali said during an interview she hated being the Bachelorette. It wasn’t something she looked back on fondly. While, she said she wouldn’t have her platform, her kids, or her husband without it, she didn’t enjoy it. Her platform consists of one million followers on Instagram and over two hundred thousand followers on Twitter.

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She Didn’t Want To Keep Everyone

One of the issues she had was keeping contestants she didn’t see a future with. Ali said, “I walked into night one knowing my top two guys. A lot of people are that way. That’s why people who get the first impression rose are always in the top two or three.”

It can be difficult for a lead to keep people she’s not connecting with. That’s why when it gets closer to the end, most Bachelorettes will tell contestants they don’t feel a spark with that it’s time to go. Much like the most recent episode where Katie Thurston broke Connor Brennan (and many fan’s hearts).

She Says You Can’t Have A Connection Right Away With Everyone

Ali Fedotowsky said it is unrealistic to believe the lead can see something with everyone the first night. Her approach was to ask, “what do I want to know about this person? Or what do I want to find out about this person that I’m not done exploring?” She stressed those questions weren’t necessarily in a romantic way. It wasn’t about asking right away if she could see a future with them. She looked for qualities that made her want to get to know someone better.

What did you think of Ali’s style during her season? Comment with your thoughts down below.

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