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Huge ‘Bachelorette’ Spoiler, Greg Grippo’s Fate Revealed

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Things are getting good on this season of The Bachelorette. Katie Thurston has just seven guys remaining and she’s hoping to find her husband. Throughout the season, fans have fallen for Greg Grippo. Pretty much since night one, there has been a big following for a Katie/Greg ending. However, is everything really as perfect as it seems? Huge spoilers ahead!!!

Huge spoilers about Greg Grippo’s fate revealed

Today, Reality Steve went to his blog to share what everyone’s been dying to know. What happens between Greg Grippo and Katie Thurston? What Steve revealed may surprise many fans.

According to Steve, Katie mentioned during her interview with Nick Viall that there’s a bigger villain than Thomas this season. At the time, Steve believed that would be Greg. However, he had nothing to go on as to why, until now. So what did Greg do?

First of all, Steve admitted that right now it’s impossible to know specifics of things that were exactly said. However, he has gained knowledge of basically what went down between Katie and Greg.

Promos have indicated that at some point Greg is visibly upset and running from the cameras. They have also seen Katie breaking down and telling producers to book her a flight home. Apparently, these two situations are connected.

Greg reportedly went to Katie’s room during an off day of filming overnight dates. Basically, Greg says he thinks Katie gave him assurance he was the one for her. So, he bombarded her asking why she didn’t stop dating the other two men if he’s the one. Remember, editing has kind of indicated throughout the season that Greg has an issue with the process from the getgo. So, this just basically hits a final straw with Greg.

It gets ugly

According to Steve, their conversation is not pretty. It turns into a huge fight between Greg and Katie. They both take turns storming off. Then, they go back and fight some more. This reportedly goes on for literally hours. Steve says he doesn’t want to label Greg since he doesn’t know the exact specifics of their conversation. However, Greg ultimately leaves and the whole situation does not paint a pretty picture of him.

Steve also says their fight gets so heated it is said to be the worst one on the franchise ever.

After Greg leaves Steve is unsure how the rest plays out. However, fans already know her season concludes an entire week early. Those who follow spoilers also already know who Katie chooses and if she’s engaged.

What do you think about this new side of Greg?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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