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Kody Brown REJECTED After Proposal To New, Young Potential Wife

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As we previously reported, Kody Brown reportedly sought a new fourth wife to replace Meri. Now, this courtship and proposal allegedly happened a few years ago. But, Sister Wives fans still don’t have confirmation on if Meri and Kody split for good. We do know things were pretty rough during the last season of the TLC series. Meri and Kody Brown revealed they were not intimate with each other. In fact, it sounded like they rarely spend any time together. Sister Wives fans think Kody only holds on to his first wife for her money and success.

Kody Brown found a young replacement for Meri, and he proposed

Pop Culture recently revived a report from In Touch Weekly from a few years ago about Kody Brown. Turns out, he was courting a “beautiful” and young woman. She was reportedly 25-years-old. The anonymous source revealed: “He had his sights set on her as a sister wife replacement for his first wife Meri.”

The 25-year-old woman was a divorced mother-of-tw0. Turns out, she was a lot like Kody.

She’s beautiful and Kody liked her tomboy spirit. She told him, ‘Let me know if you ever want a young, hot wife.’ He was over the moon.”

Kody Brown reportedly told his friends he was so sure this was going to work out and she would be his replacement for Meri. He just needed to show some commitment and propose to her. Unfortunately, things did get a little dramatic with Robyn. He had to dial back how much time he spent courting the young woman because Robyn got jealous.

He proposed and she shut him down

The source reveals Kody Brown was “heartbroken” over how this courtship and proposal ended. Turns out, his young and hot potential replacement for Meri Brown shut him down. He proposed to her and she broke his heart. After he proposed to her, she shut him down and told him she just couldn’t see a future with him and his other three wives.

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Are you surprised Kody Brown tried to bring a 25-year-old into his family? Are you surprised she rejected him? Do you think he’ll continue to look for a replacement for Meri Brown? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for all the Sister Wives tea.

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  1. Doesn’t surprise me at all that Kody looked for an even younger wife. And Sobbin’s reaction is typical. She thought she owned Kody’s heart Nd didn’t feel any sympathy for the previous wives. As they say, paybacks re a bitch.

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