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Wait, Adam Busby Has HOW MANY Pairs Of Sneakers?!

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OutDaughtered fans know that Adam Busby loves sneakers. He regularly refers to himself as a sneakerhead. However, it doesn’t look like fans anticipate how many sneakers Adam actually has. Keep reading to find out how many pairs of sneakers Adam Busby has in his shoe rack.

OutDaughtered Adam Busby has a classic pair of sneakers

Recently OutDaughtered patriarch Adam Busby takes to Instagram to share a photo of his kicks with quints shoes. The girls are all wearing matching pink dresses with white polka dots. They’re also sporting adorable leather sandals. Adam is rocking some fresh Nikes for the photo.

OutDaughtered Adam Busby sneakers
Instagram Adam Busby

In the caption, he writes, “They asked for a side of bacon.” In parenthesis, Adam adds, “Only sneaker heads will get it.” From the looks of it Adam is rocking the Nike Air Max 90 Bacon Sneakers. Nike’s website explains the concept behind the sneakers. According to the website, this style first released in 2004. Interestingly enough, bacon serves as the inspiration for this shoe. Nike writes, “the silhouette sports a range of shades reflecting the dish in various stages of preparation.”  Currently, these shoes are sold out on Nike’s website.

About the bacon

Fellow sneakerheads (and fans) flock to the comment section to get all the details about Adam Busby’s shoes. A fan inquires about how many pairs of sneakers Adam Busby has. His response is shocking. Almost casually, Adam shares, “just over 100.” Apparently, fans feel like they have some catching up to do. The original commenter reveals they “have 33 and [their] wife wants to k*ll [them].” Another fan shares that they only have 5 pairs and feels like they have “some major catching up to do.”

Adam Busby sneakers
Instagram Adam Busby

How does he afford so many pairs of shoes?

While the average person may not have “just over 100” pairs of sneakers in their closet, according to a previous TV Shows Ace report, the Busby’s aren’t quite your “average person.”  In an Instagram post, Adam shines a light on where they get their income from (besides OutDaughtered). He writes, “maybe 2 of the 7 business (sic) that we own are actually shown on the TV show. We work very hard for what we have.”

OutDaughtered Adam Busby
Instagram Adam Busby

Does it shock you that OutDaughtered Adam Busby has so many pairs of sneakers? Did you know that the Busbys have 7 businesses? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more OutDaughtered news.

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