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OMG!!! Did Fans Just Find Proof Christine Dumped Kody Brown?!

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Sister Wives fans believe they now have proof Christine Brown has officially dumped Kody. Is there trouble in paradise? Has she finally ditched her marriage? Keep reading and we will explain why fans think Christine and Kody might’ve finally broken up.

Christine Brown rocks an animal print sundress

Christine Brown took to Instagram a few hours ago to rock a gorgeous animal print sundress. The cheetah print lounger extended to her knees preventing the need to wear leggings or shorts underneath. The TLC personality was feeling a little spicy as she paired the delicious outfit with a dash of red. Her dash of red started at her feet in the form of a pair of red and white sneakers and ended at her neck with a gorgeous piece of jewelry.

In the caption of her post, Christine Brown admits that animal print is not normally her thing. But, she was really feeling this particular piece. And, she thought she looked pretty great in it. See exactly what she penned in her caption down below.

I’m not usually an animal print person, but this @lularoe Ariel. I’m obsessed with! And, I found a new backdrop for photos.”

Turns out, this gorgeous ensemble wasn’t the only thing that had Christine in a beaming mood. She also found a brand new spot to snap pictures.

Eagle-eyed fans noticed something missing: Did she dump Kody Brown?

Some eagle-eyed Sister Wives fans quickly noticed Christine Brown was missing her wedding ring. A quick scroll through her profile reveals that is normally something she wears in her photos. Why did she not have her ring on? Was it just a fluke? Or, was there a deeper meaning behind the lack of jewelry? Some fans believed this was a surefire sign Christine Brown had dumped Kody.

Christine Brown Kody Brown YouTube

Unsurprisingly, fans began to feud over the observation and the possibility that she dumped Kody. Some noted that it was an awful bold question for someone who didn’t know Christine to ask. Others, however, noted that Christine and Kody have a TV show that is dedicated to the dynamics of their marriage. So, a question about their marriage from a fan doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch.

Other fans speculated if Christine Brown dumped Kody, it probably wasn’t something she could discuss because of a contract. Surely the Brown family divorcing is something TLC would want to save for the show.

This isn’t the first time fans noticed the lack of ring

As we’ve previously reported, this isn’t the first time Sister Wives fans have noticed the lack of a wedding ring on Christine’s finger. Moreover, this isn’t the first time fans have speculated she might’ve dumped Kody Brown.


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The last time these rumors swirled, Christine Brown spent a significant amount of time flaunting her wedding ring during a Facebook Live for her LuLaRoe sales.

Will Christine have some sort of response to rumors swirling she’s dumped Kody Brown? Or, is it really curtains for the relationship this time? Let us know what you think in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Brown family.

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