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Did Christine Brown & Kody Split? ‘Sister Wives’ Star Gives Nonverbal Response

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The Sister Wives fan base is buzzing with talk of whether Christine and Kody Brown split. The rumors begun to swirl after we learned Christine made a real estate score. As we previously reported, Kody Brown basically gave Christine Brown a house. Yes, there was a $10 transaction fee. But, that was just for legal reasons. Sister Wives fans assume if Kody could have signed the house over to Christine without any money passing hands he would have.

Christine Brown and Kody split rumors quickly swirled

Kody Brown giving the house to Christine. And, Christine taking his name completely off the deed was enough to get Sister Wives fans talking. Was he not spending any time in Christine’s home anymore? Had they split up? Was it finally just going to be Kody Brown and Robyn? Sister Wives fans were quick to make a lot of the real estate sale.

We know this Sister Wives star doesn’t respond to negative trolls

Christine Brown doesn’t really make a habit of responding to negative trolls on social media. She, however, has always been known to proudly flaunt her wedding ring in her Instagram snaps. We also know Christine loves to show off and name drop Kody when the opportunity presents itself.

Moreover, many fans suspect Christine is deeply jealous of her sister wives. And, really wants Kody all to herself. So, it is possible she’s really enjoying shoving Kody giving her a house in her sister wives’ faces.

Financial reasons?

As we previously reported, Kody Brown could be trying to jump through some sort of financial or tax loophole. Sister Wives fans know most of the Brown family (especially Kody) aren’t in a great place financially. So, it is possible he gave Christine the home to avoid some kind of hefty property tax bill.

Does that mean he is just sticking it off on Christine? Or, is he just trying to buy more time to pay it? We aren’t really sure. But, it is a possibility.

So, did Christine and Kody Brown split up?

Back to the reason we are all here, right? Did Kody Brown and Christine split up? Chances are pretty good if Kody Brown did split from one of his wives it is something TLC would want to keep a tight lid on. This kind of news would make for really great views. And, there’s no way the network would want to miss out on that kind of shocking reveal. Still, the real estate sale definitely has fans talking.

Fortunately, Christine Brown must’ve caught wind of the rumors. Now, she didn’t just bluntly shut down the rumors. But, she did what many are considering the next best thing. Likewise, what she did was very Christine Brown of her. According to Soap Dirt, Christine Brown had a nonverbal response to the rumors she and Kody split. And, what was that nonverbal response?

Christine Brown Instagram
[Christine Brown Instagram]
Well, she spent a significant amount of time making sure her wedding ring was on display during her recent Facebook Live sales. In fact, the outlet said she practically put a spotlight on it the way she waved it around and called attention to it with her body language.

Sister Wives fans can only assume this was her nonverbal way of saying if she and Kody split she would not be wearing his wedding ring still. Naturally, there are some who question if people were just reading too much into the ring and her hand gestures. Likewise, she could just be keeping up appearances to spill the beans during a new season of the series instead.

The real question is do YOU think Kody Brown and Christine might have split up?

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  1. Kody obviously is sick & tired of having multiple wives. He seems to hate them all , except Robin aka Sobyn. It’s so OBVIOUS. Sad for the children he ignores while he chills at Sobyn’s house 90% of the time.

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