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‘Big Brother’ 23 Live Feeds Release Date Allegedly Confirmed

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Big Brother 23 kicks off next month and fans wonder about the release date for the live feeds. Normally, the release date for Big Brother live feeds doesn’t happen until several days after the premiere. Unsurprisingly, viewers have begged CBS for years to release the live feeds the same time they release the new season. But, it has never happened. At least, not until last year with Big Brother 22.

That — allegedly — will be different this year too. The Big Brother 23 live feeds will be active on day one.

Is immediate access to Big Brother 23 Live Feeds really a good thing?

Whether having immediate access to the Big Brother 23 live feeds via Paramount+ is a good thing is to be debated among fans. For those who tuned in during Big Brother 22, you will recall the first week of feeds was uneventful and downright boring. Viewers of the reality TV series, however, later came to agree it might have just been the cast making the first week of feeds so boring.

Why? Well, because the BB22 cast was determined to be extra boring. In fact, viewers agreed it was one of the worst seasons in Big Brother history. Fans noted the cast took the “easy” road to victory without really playing the game. Some pondered this was largely because it was a whole house full of people who have played before. This included many winners and several who had been in the house more than a few times.

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Did the network confirm the immediate release date?

Other outlets are using allegedly and rumored to refer to the immediate release date for the Big Brother Season 23 live feeds. Unfortunately, this is because it doesn’t appear as if the network has confirmed fans will have immediate access just yet. In fact, it was a tweet that alleges fans will have immediate access.

Will the BB23 Premiere also be a move-in special?

HamsterWatch goes on to tweet the details of the Big Brother 23 Premiere are a little unclear. Namely, the Season 22 Premiere was referred to as a move-in special. The Season 23 Premiere does NOT hold the same title in press releases about it thus far. So, it is possible the Season 23 Premiere will not be a move-in special.

HamsterWatch continues to explain this means Julie Chen will engage with the BB houseguests during a live premiere. But, they will have more than likely already moved into the house. Chances are pretty good some viewers will be upset by the lack of a move-in special. But, fans will be very excited to have immediate access to the Big Brother 23 live feeds.

Are you excited Big Brother 23 premieres on July 7th? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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