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Too Much Heat? Lindsie Chrisley Takes A Break From Social Media

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Lindsie Chrisley sometimes takes a break from her social media to focus on her mental health. Actually, that seems like a good thing as it can get rather toxic. Of course, when she returns, the Chrisley Knows Best alum is always greeted joyfully by her fans. Bear in mind, her Coffee Convos podcast is very popular. Now she takes another break, might that come because of her being slammed on Father’s Day?

Lindsie Chrisley goes away from social media, not for the first time

In March, the Coffee Convos host took a break from Instagram. Back then, she talked about how she evaluated some things about her life. Additionally, she mentioned that she took a bit of a retreat and stayed away as she felt a bit at odds about something. Previously fans also saw her step back for a bit to keep her mental health strong. Well, now she said that takes another break and some fans think it might be about her lack of greeting to her dad Todd. Actually, it really just confirms that she holds true to her vow to never forgive him.

Lindsie Chrisley Shares That She’s Working On ‘Some Life Things’

We reported that on Father’s Day, Lindsie Chrisley apparently snubbed her dad. In fairness though, she also didn’t make much of her husband on Instagram either. In fact, the only reference to him came as “baby daddy” in her Stories. And that fits with rumors that things don’t go well between her and her husband. In fact, some rumors suggest a divorce might be on the cards.  Judging by Lindsie, who refuses to shift on her estrangement or make things up with Todd, it seems she has an unforgiving nature. So, possibly she took a lot of heat for her casual approach to Father’s Day.

Another retreat from social media

Lindsie Chrisley took to her Instagram on Monday, June 21. Her post talked a lot about Jesus and the bible. Again, some fans can’t get their heads around that. After all, they know that Todd publically reached out for a  reconciliation. Even non-religious people know that the bible tells Christians to love and forgive one another. Well, a headscratcher or not, she clearly wants time away from everyone but her son.

In her caption, apart from taking time to focus on herself, Lindsie Chrisley talked about chatting with her son about Bible School. She said, “Taking the week to focus on my personal life, spend time in my devotional & have intentional conversations with Jackson about what Jesus is doing in his heart at Bible school.”

What are your thoughts about Todd’s estranged daughter taking time away from social media? Is it just time to focus on her son? Or, is she ducking away from the heat she possibly took for Father’s Day? Sound off in the comments below.

Lindsie Chrisley Takes A Break From Social Media
Credit: Lindsie Chrisley

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