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How Much Will ‘The Bachelorette’ Katie Thurston Profit From The Show?

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Fans often wonder how much money leads on The Bachelorette can make when taking on the role. As Katie Thurston gets ready to watch her season playback on television, here’s a look into how much she could possibly getting. Plus, even after her time as The Bachelorette is done, Katie still has the potential to make even more. Keep reading to find out the scoop.

How much money could Katie Thurston make as The Bachelorette?

Of course, these numbers aren’t written in stone but based on past leads, here is an idea of how much Katie Thurston stands to make as The Bachelorette. Cosmopolitan put together some numbers based on past leads.

As The Bachelor, Sean Lowe made somewhere around $75,000 to $90,000. They also shared that when Amy Kaufman published her book in 2018, leads were believed to make no less than six figures. One of the highest-paid leads was Emily Maynard. She reportedly negotiated an astonishing $250,000.

So, it looks like Katie has the potential to make bank as the lead looking for love. Anyone who has seen her promos knows this girl is serious about finding love in the short time she has. In fact, her juicy promos have stirred up some talking in regards to her makeout sessions. Katie isn’t ashamed and is not backing down. She flat out admits physical chemistry is important and yes she does the deed while on the show.

Plus, if Katie does find love, recall Trista Sutter made $1 million for her gorgeous televised wedding.

What else can leads make money on?

In addition to getting some decent money as the lead, there are other ways to roll in some dough. Some leads of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette are offered spots on Dancing With the Stars. In fact, several have won the coveted dancing trophy. If they sign on to compete they can start out with $125,000. If they make it to the trophy the lead can potentially make $345,000!

Of course, there is also becoming an influencer on Instagram. This brings a lot of money to many former leads and contestants. They can make anywhere from $5,000 to  $15,000 per month promoting various products. Katie already has a large following and no doubt that number will climb as her season kicks off.

Speaking of her season kicking off, Katie Thurston’s season will premiere on ABC June 7. Then, after her season airs, Bachelor in Paradise will air. Are you excited?

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