Jill Dillard Flaunts Increasingly Sexy And Slim Style

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Jill Dillard certainly seems way off the mark on Instagram when it comes to dressing down and dowdy like her dad, Jim Bob Duggar demands. These days she celebrates her freedom and independence by becoming increasingly “normal” when it some to dress codes. While TLC fans know the Counting On alum has some issues with her parents, they appreciate that Derick supports her.

Jill Dillard started modeling swimsuits on Instagram not long ago

While by most standards, the swimsuits that Derick’s wife models might seem modest, by Jim Bob’s standard, she’s way out of line. In fact, he might have a fit if he checks up on what she does on her Instagram these days. We reported that on May 12, she shared six new photos of herself in her new swimwear. It looks like she takes herself out of her backyard photoshoot and onto public beaches this summer. That news came via her Instagram Stories.

‘Stunner’ Jill Dillard Shares Photos As She Models New Swimsuits

Jill Dillard might get some tips and ideas on modeling from her cousin Amy. Bear in mind, her parents never raised her under the tight restrictions that Jim Bob Duggar imposes on his family. Additionally, she runs her own boutique in Arkansas. Fans know from Jill on Instagram that she finds support from Amy and other friends in her community during the time of Josh Duggar’s arrest. Probably right now, she feels quite relieved that she sits on the outskirts of all the drama in the Counting On family.

Attractive, slim, and sexy

TLC alum Jill Dillard models more than swimsuits and increasingly, she reveals herself wearing attractive frocks and skirts with a short hemline. That might give her dad several apoplectic fits, actually. Fans are there for it as she and her husband increasingly gain favor. They admire that the once abused daughter steps away from condoning what Josh did with his molestation scandal. Additionally, they like the way she now feels comfortable without those ghastly long skirts and leggings that she grew up wearing.

Jill Dillard might make a statement to her father by dressing in rather more sexy and slimming outfits than previously. However, fans also know that it takes years before people move on from family-ingrained habits. Shaking off the past and adventuring into new styles probably takes a lot of courage for the Duggar daughter.

Jill Dillard Flaunts Increasingly Sexy And Slim Style
Credit: Jill M Dillard | Instagram via THG

What are your thoughts on Jill seemingly slapping at all of Jim Bob Duggar’s rules about traditional clothing? What do you think about her becoming increasingly stylish and sexy when choosing her outfits these days? Sound off in the comments below.

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