Jill Duggar Leaning On Her 'Community' In Wake Of Josh Duggar's Arrest

Jill Duggar Leaning On Her ‘Community’ In Wake Of Josh Duggar’s Arrest

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Jill Duggar Dillard is leaning on those around her, that make up her community in order to deal with recent family turmoil. After the arrest of her brother Josh Duggar for child pornography charges, the former Counting On star posted about how she’s tapping into that “community.”

“We were reminded this morning in church about how important community is!” Jill wrote in an Instagram post caption. “I think I’ve brought this up before, but I’ve literally prayed for good community!! We need others for support, prayer…people to do life with and so much more!”

Jill didn’t specifically mention her brother’s arrest but she did talk about how difficult the last year has been.

“I know this last year has tested all of us so much,” she continued. “But sometimes it’s in the difficult times that you see more clearly who your people are as they become the hands and feet of Jesus!”

Finally, she ended the post by asking her followers if they had a support system in place for the tough times.

“Do you have a good community or are you in a season where you’re praying for and being intentional to build community (…yeah, sometimes it takes some work!)?”

Jill Duggar Leaning On Her 'Community' In Wake Of Josh Duggar's Arrest
Credit: Jill Duggar Dillard/Instagram

Jill Duggar Wants To Know Who Your Community Is These Days

The Jill Duggar community is likely the friends she knows from church and her personal life more than anything else. Her split from her family is well documented. While she and husband Derek Dillard aren’t outcasts, they are largely separate. At the same time, it looks like she’s feeling the pain of her brother’s arrest.

In her post, Jill asked her followers who they consider their community. Several were quick to jump in and share their thoughts.

Among those who answered was another estranged member of the Duggar family. Amy Duggar King said that Jill was among the people Amy leaned on most.

“Grateful for YOU!! Our texts, the hugs,” Amy wrote. “How far you have come! and for our fun shopping days!”

Jil responded to her by talking about a song the two apparently had an inside joke surrounding it.

Others offered their support for the Counting On star.

“We support YOU, Jill,” one posted. “And we are grateful for you. Thank you for distancing yourself from the chaos that is around you. We are here if you need us!”

Josh Duggar Fallout

The real question is just how the news of Josh Duggar’s arrest is affecting Jill. While some believe her post is about being a supportive sister, others think she left Counting On specifically to get away from Josh.

It’s unlikely the former reality star is going to shed a ton of light on that theory. Indeed, for now, she’s just looking for support in general.

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