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Bode Roloff Cuts Seven Teeth At Once – How Does Audrey Cope?

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Bode Roloff doesn’t really feature on Little People, Big World as Audrey and Jeremy left the TLC show. However, fans know from his grandpa Matt that he’s cute as a teddy bear. The last-born grandchild is now about 15 months old and the poor little guy cuts some teeth. Not just one or two, but seven of them all at the same time. In a Q&A on her Instagram Stories on May 12, Audrey explained how she helps him cope with the discomfort.

Bode Roloff cuts lots of teeth and Audrey helps him out

While the TLC show reveals more about little Lilah than Bode, they are close to each other in age. Similarly, Ember and Jackson, Tori and Zach’s kids are of a similar age. Bode presents fewer health issues than Lilah as he’s an average-sized baby and doesn’t suffer from dwarfism. However, like every other baby, he experiences pain and discomfort when he teethes. Little People, Big World fans know that his mom prefers natural products rather than medications from the pharmacy, so fans asked her about teething discomfort remedies.

Audrey Roloff Shares Adorable Snaps Of Bode As He Grows Up Fast

Bode Roloff already inherited a cute nickname from his big sister, Ember. She calls him “chunker,” and Audrey thinks it’s very cute. Sometimes, she calls her son, “Squish.” Anyway, a fan reached out about teething and his mom kindly replied. Of course, she also promotes these types of products, but why not? After all, they become very popular these days. The TLC mom and author recommended an oil extract that she uses on “Squish.” Previously in the Q&A, she briefly mentioned that people should take care using diffusing oil products if they have a cat in the home.

Copaiba oil for teething relief

When Audrey told a fan that Bode Roloff cuts “7 teeth,” she added, “[they] all come in in a fury.” So, she takes some “copaiba” and dilutes it. Then, before bedtime, she rubs it “on his jawline.” Health Line notes that the oil is extracted from the resin of the Copaiba tree which grows in “South and Central America.” The website adds, “Both copaiba oil-resin and copaiba oil have been used for a variety of purposes.” Apart from use in soaps and shampoos, people often use it as an “inflammatory.” Additionally, it helps with pain relief.

Although Bode Roloff and his mom probably sleep better with the copaiba, most reports about the effectiveness of it as a treatment seem “anecdotal.” However, scientists research the product because of its potential. In fact, a study from 2018 discovered that “copaiba essential oil and Deep Blue essential oil” help patients with arthritis as well.

What do you do for your kids to help ease the discomfort of teething? Sound off in the comments below.

Bode Roloff Cuts Seven Teeth At Once - How Does Audrey Cope
Credit: Audrey Roloff | Instagram Stories

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