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‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Colton Does Not Want To be Left Alone

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With all the added drama from the Snowden and Merrifield families on Seeking Sister Wife, it appears that the Winders are becoming fan favorites. Routinely fans sing the Winder’s praises because it seems that they are the only family practicing polygamy for “the right reasons.” Throughout Season 3 of Seeking Sister Wife, the general feeling from the Winders is that they have their family dynamic figured out. However, what are things like when they try to bring a third sister-wife into the mix? Keep reading to find out Colton’s one request about meeting the potential sister-wife.

Seeking Sister Wife Winder family prepares to meet potential new sister-wife

Ahead of tonight’s episode (May 10) TLC releases a trailer to their social media. Just from the caption, things seem like they’re going to get pretty exciting for the Winders on tonight’s episode. The caption explains that the Winders are “FINALLY meeting Kimberly.”

At the beginning of the trailer, Tami explains how they’re excited to meet their potential sister-wife, Kimberly. Apparently, this meeting is a year in the making. Tami shares that she’s excited, but feeling the nerves. Colton brings some humor to the situation and says, “If you can’t tell, this is my excited but nervous face.” Interestingly enough, Sophie doesn’t say anything at this moment. However, she does laugh at Colton’s expense.

The trio gets together before Kimberly’s arrival to make sure they’ve discussed everything they need to. Colton makes an interesting request; he doesn’t want to be left alone with Kimberly. Sophie says they’ll keep Colton “honorable.” Next, Tami explains that they’ve already spoken to Kimberly about it.

There is one odd request

In a confessional segment of Seeking Sister Wife Colton further explains that at this point of the relationship, they’re just getting to know each other. Not only that, one of their rules is that he’s not alone with the potential sister-wife. Colton also details that there will be no hand-holding and no kissing. Furthermore, until a commitment is made, interactions are limited to group conversations.

As to be expected, the clip ends with Kimberly ringing the doorbell. However, viewers don’t even get a glimpse of her face. Be sure to tune into Seeking Sister Wife to see how the Winders meeting a potential new sister-wife, Kimberly plays out.

Do you think a third wife is going to ruin the Winder’s dynamic? Let us know in the comment section below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more Seeking Sister Wife news.


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