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‘Extreme Sisters’ Teaser: Brittany And Josh Have First-Ever Awkward Solo Date

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As fans of the TLC reality show know, Extreme Sisters is about inseparable sibling relationships. This is where sets of identical twin sisters marry sets of identical twin brothers. As they spend so much time together, they tend to get separation anxiety when apart. In the case of Brittany and Josh Salyers, they prepare to head out for their first-ever solo date.

Brittany and Josh Salyers have their first solo date on Extreme Sisters

Extreme Sisters follows the lives of identical twin sisters and twin brothers who marry and end up living together in one happy household. Brittany and Briana originally met Josh and Jeremy at Twinsburg, the annual Ohio Twins Day Festival. The TLC reality stars hit it off right from the start and were double-dating before marrying and moving in together.

Brittany and Briana of Extreme Sisters
Brittany and Briana of Extreme Sisters [Image TLC/YouTube]
Because of this, Brittany and Josh have surprisingly never had a solo date away from their sister and brother. However, this week on Extreme Sisters, they head out for their first, and rather awkward, first solo date.

In a sneak peek into the Sunday, May 9th episode, Brittany and Josh head to a restaurant for their first-ever solo date. Brittany tells the camera that going out with Josh was giving her butterflies. She said it was like the first date, because it was, in fact, their first date together.

Separation anxiety on solo date

Brittany admitted that she very much misses her sister and their baby. While she is excited to be out with Josh, Brittany was feeling a little bit of separation anxiety. As they sit down at a local restaurant, the pair starts making awkward small talk. Brittany says, “Just the two of us,” while Josh responds, “Yep, just the two of us.”
Brittany giggles, saying they haven’t done this “in, well, ever.”

Meanwhile, Josh admits that a table for two is “strange-looking” as they are so used to double dating with their siblings. Brittany agrees, saying there are not two of Josh and there are not two of her. Josh responds awkwardly, saying “Date night.”

Josh and Jeremy of Extreme Sisters
Josh and Jeremy of Extreme Sisters [Image TLC/YouTube]
For a while, Brittany and Josh just sit there in silence. However, Brittany tries to break the ice, asking Josh what he likes to do for fun. They both laugh, and Josh admits he enjoys hanging out with his wife, his wife’s twin and his twin.

Everyone normally eats together

Brittany tells the camera that without Briana, she feels a little insecure. She feels that Josh is so cool and she is just a dork. After their food is served, Josh shares about their typical eating habits in a confessional. He said when they all go out to eat, they always order the same thing.

In the clip, when their food is served, both Josh and Brittany order food to take home. In his confessional, Josh explains that it felt natural when they were out to go ahead and order the same thing they got to take home. This made things feel more normal for the couple.

About Extreme Sisters

The TLC reality show follows the lives of five sets of identical twins who are completely inseparable. In the case of Brittany and Josh, they shared a double proposal and a double wedding. However, on top; of this, both sisters were pregnant at the same time. Nowadays, Josh and Brittany share five-month-old Jett, while Jeremy and Briana share their one-month-old son, Jax.

Fans can watch the teaser on People’s website and watch the first solo date as it happens on Extreme Sisters on TLC, Sunday at 10 pm ET.

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