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Colton Winder Admits His Personality Is Drier Than Popcorn Fart and More

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Seeking Sister Wife family the Winders are surely becoming TLC fan favorites. Likely this has to do with how displeased people are with how Garrick Merrifield is approaching the polygamous lifestyle. Additionally, the alleged abuse drama against Dimitri and Ashley Snowden probably doesn’t help their popularity. From the looks of his most recent Instagram post, Colton Winder may find it shocking that so many people adore his family. Keep reading for what Colton Winder thinks about himself.

Seeking Sister Wife Colton Winder and his family are becoming show favorites

Seeking Sister Wife Colton Winder is the husband of Tami and Sophie. In the most recent episode of Seeking Sister Wife, fans get to see Sophie give birth. Not only do the new parents, Colton and Sophie rejoice in the birth, but sister-wife, Tami is remarkably supportive of the whole situation. Fans seemingly approve of this dynamic and enjoy watching a family that they feel practices polygamy for the right reasons.

Of the families the show features, it seems most apparent that the Winders are a part of this controversial lifestyle for religious reasons. Colton confirms this in his most recent Instagram post. He acknowledges that he has “religious zeal”. However, Colton also acknowledges that some may prefer to call it “fanaticism”.


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‘I’m far from perfect’- Polygamous husband hysterically explains his flaws

Notably, that’s not all he acknowledges in his brutal, yet hysterical post. It begins with him explaining his personality (among other things). “In all seriousness, I know that my personality is drier than a hot popcorn fart, and my voice sounds weird, and I’m uncomfortably flat,” pens the husband of two. However, the self-deprecation doesn’t stop there. “Most find me unattractive. Some think I’m effeminate.” s

Next, Colton Winder writes something that seems to be a direct jab at his critics. “I’m well aware that many think I’m a creep.” This likely could just be due to the disapproval some people have towards his lifestyle. Furthermore, it’s hard to tell if he’s being satirical or sincere in what he writes next. “I’m sure quite a bit of the criticism is warranted.”

Lastly, Colton’s conclusion cements the sincerity of the post. “I’m far from being perfect, and I’ll be the first to acknowledge that.” That’s not all, Colton pens, “Hell, I’ll be the first to laugh about it.”

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