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Where Was ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Colton When Sophie Went Into Labor?

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Tonight’s (April 26) episode of Seeking Sister Wife is sure to be entertaining. According to a PopCulture exclusive, there was almost a labor fiasco. Keep reading to find out where Seeking Sister Wife Colton Winder was when one of his wives, Sophie went into labor. 

Seeking Sister Wife Colton wasn’t with Sophie when she went into labor

Before going into labor, it seems that the sister wives enjoy some bonding time. Tami treats Sophie to a pedicure and explains why these moments are important to her. “I hope that Sophie having a baby will just be another bonding moment for the both of us,” begins Tami. Tami continues, “that we’ll be able to just have a better understanding of each other.” This is likely since once Sophie has the baby, both wives will have the common bond of being mothers. 

According to PopCulture the night that Sophie Winder went into labor with her first child, her husband, Colton, was with his other wife, Tami. Luckily, Sophie wasn’t by herself as she goes into her labor. Sophie’s mom, April is with her to help her navigate the early stages of labor. 


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Where was Colton?

However, it isn’t scandalous that Colton is with Tami when Sophie goes into labor. While Sophie may have been 40 weeks and 4 days pregnant, it was Tami’s scheduled time with their husband. “It happened to be Colton’s night with Tami, and it does seem really weird, like, you’re in labor and you send your husband away, like, what is that?”  However, this is in line with how this family handles their plural lifestyle. Furthermore, Sophie says, “But we don’t feel a possessiveness over Colton. In plural marriage, you learn to become selfless.”  Not only that, but it seems that Sophie is being reasonable about how long it takes to birth a baby. She says, “They say that this stage of labor can last a chunk of hours.”

Amazingly, it isn’t until Sophie is in labor for nine hours that she sends her mom to get Colton. Sophie explains that the intensity of things is increasing. Consequently, Sophie’s mom even notices a change in the labor progression by the noises that Sophie is making. 

Are you excited for the arrival of another Seeking Sister Wife Winder baby? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Make sure to tune into TLC tonight at 8/7c for a new episode of Seeking Sister Wife.

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