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Does Danielle Busby Finally Get Answers About Her Health?

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Before the most current season of TLC’s OutDaughtered fans express their concern for Danielle Busby’s health. Since the Busby’s are active on social media, fans get an idea of what is going on in their life before the episode airs. Keep reading to find out if Danielle Busby finally gets answers about her health.

OutDaughtered Danielle Busby experiences frequent concerning health symptoms.

In the last TV Shows Ace update about Danielle Busby’s health, readers get a glimpse into the emotional rollercoaster Danielle’s health is taking her family on. At one point, Adam Busby is sharing that “the other day we learned there could be something wrong with Danielle’s heart.” Then, in the trailer TLC posts, the doctor explains some test results. Ultimately, this explanation leads to some unexpected news. In not so many words, the doctor explains that there is an abnormal connection of something with Danielle’s heart.

Next, the doctor elaborates on what his official diagnosis means. Based on the color doppler of Danielle’s heart, “there”s a very small hole there.” While Danielle and Adam Busby both look concerned, the unexpected news is good. The doctor tells Danielle, “you have a normal, healthy heart.” However, this seems to bring Danielle back to square one when it comes to finding out why she hasn’t been feeling well lately.

‘OutDaughtered’ Danielle Busby Gets Unexpected News About Her Health

Doctor’s seem stumped about what is going on.

In an OutDaughtered trailer on the show’s Instagram, Danielle shares some details about what exactly has been going on with her. The beginning of the trailer is the OutDaughtered mom explaining that she’s meeting with her rheumatologist to go over some bloodwork and results from a nerve study test. Additionally, she shares that from her “neck down to her fingers [she] keeps getting numbness and tingling.” Logically, Danielle thinks that her health problems could be nerve-related.


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Ultimately, Danielle Busby just wants answers about what is going on with her health. She says that she “wants to stop seeing doctors and treat the problem.”  Unfortunately, it seems like Danielle may not get the answers she’s seeking during this doctor’s appointment. The first test result they go over is her bloodwork. The doctor explains that those test results are normal.

Next, they go over the nerve conduction study. Shockingly, the doctor reveals that those test results are normal as well. So, it seems that another doctor, and still no answers when it comes to what is going on with Danielle’s health. It seems like Danielle feels defeated at this point. All she can respond with is a head nod and “oh.”

Medical testing isn’t done

Furthermore, it seems like the doctor still wants to explore some other things. She shares that even though the bloodwork is normal, that doesn’t mean that Danielle doesn’t have an autoimmune disorder/disease. “Sometimes the signs and symptoms happen before the bloodwork catches up,” explains the doctor. Consequently, autoimmune diseases are hard to diagnose. With that in mind, the doctor recommends repeat tests every six months or so.

Hopefully, OutDaughtered Danielle Busby will get answers about her health soon. One of the frequent fan suggestions is fibromyalgia. Do you have any recommendations for Danielle? Let us know in the comment section below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more OutDaughtered news.

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