1000-Lb. Sisters Amy abandons Tammy

‘1000-Lb. Sisters’ Fans Feud: Has Amy Abandoned Tammy For Gage?

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Since 1000-Lb. Sisters Amy Slaton Halterman found out she was pregnant in Season 2 of the hit TLC show, fans wonder what this would mean for her sister, Tammy. For two seasons, fans watch as the Slaton sisters experience a lot of ups and downs in their weight loss journeys. While Amy was able to successfully lose weight for surgery, that isn’t the case for Tammy. Unfortunately, fans continue to watch via social media as it appears that Tammy’s weight continues to fluctuate. Ultimately, this leaves her dependent on others to take care of her. For the longest time, it was Amy and her husband, Michael. However, now that baby Gage is here, does that mean the dynamic between the sisters changes. Keep reading to find out why fans think Amy abandons Tammy for Gage. 

1000-Lb. Sisters Amy Slaton Halterman shares an adorable photo of baby Gage

Recently, Amy Slaton Halterman takes to her Instagram page to share an adorable photo of her son, Gage. In the photo, the blue-eyed baby boy is holding his own bottle of milk. Amy captions the photo with, “I drunk my bottle… My bottle drunk!!! Lol.” Seemingly taking pride in the small step towards independence her young child makes. However, Amy’s followers waste no time in making this innocent photo about how she treats her sister, Tammy. 

Notably, a seemingly innocent comment on Amy’s Instagram kicks off the whirlwind of Amy/Tammy drama. The comment reads, “He is adorable… I hope just because you have a little family now you don’t forget about Tammy… I love you two together.” It’s no surprise that someone would comment something along these lines. 1000-Lb. Sister  fans have been vocal since Amy found out she was pregnant that they feared this is what would happen. This fear was only strengthened when Amy made comments about not being sure if Tammy was going to be able to hold the baby.


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Fans fear Amy abandons Tammy 

The next follower to comment has some very strong feelings towards Amy and Tammy’s sisterly dynamic. In a lengthy comment, the follower explains why Tammy is selfish. She begins by bringing up how Amy and Michael support Tammy. The follower writes, “all Amy and her husband have done is there [sic] best to help her without so much as a thanks.” Granted, there’s no telling what goes on off-camera, however, this is valid from a viewer’s perspective.

Next, the follower brings up why they think Tammy is selfish. “Tammy is selfish and lucky to even still have Amy around.” Additionally, the follower mentions that “Tammy isn’t Amy’s child or priority she has her family that come[s] first.” While there isn’t any evidence that Tammy hasn’t done this already, the commenter concludes with a suggestion. “Tammy needs to accept that only her and her alone can do this and stop blaming everyone else when she fails.”

1000-Lb. Sisters Amy abandon Tammy
Instagram Amy Slaton Halterman

Do you think that Amy is abandoning Tammy now that Gage is here? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more 1000-Lb. Sisters news. Keep checking TLC’s listening to find out when 1000-Lb. Sisters return to television.

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