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Amy Halterman Defends Gage’s Diet Against ‘1000-LB Sisters’ Critics

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Amy Halterman welcomed baby Gage last year and fans saw him arrive prematurely on 1000-LB Sisters. Recall, Amy had some complications, so doctors did a C-Section. The baby seemed fine apart from a bit of low blood sugar. Tammy seemed delighted that she could finally post photos of her nephew. Now, Amy chatted with her fans on Instagram about her baby’s diet.

Amy Halterman initially hid photos of Gage from 1000-LB Sister fans

We spoke exclusively with Amy as we “wanted to discuss that adorable baby boy.” Recall, when Amy finally birthed her baby, she posted up some pictures of Gage the next day. But, eagle-eyed fans noticed that he looked several months old by then. In fact, he obviously progressed way beyond being a newborn. We noted that by then, he was already “four months old.” Although the show only aired in 2021, Gage actually arrived on “November 20, 2020.”

Amy Halterman told us that her contract with TLC prevented her from sharing photos of Gage until after the episode aired. However, she found it rather difficult. After all, every mom can’t wait it let their fans, friends, and family see photos on social media. In fact, she claimed, “Omg it was super hard.” So hopefully, irritated fans forgive her. After all, they wouldn’t like to see her lose her pay for the season. She doesn’t look that well-off in the footage that TLC airs.

Baby Gage starts eating green beans

Talking to her Instagram on Thursday, Amy Halterman told her fans that Gage seemed to enjoy eating green beans. However, wise in the ways of parent-shamers and critics, she also talked about the fact she gets advice from her doctor on feeding Gage. The 1000-LB Sisters star also noted that she’d “never do anything to hurt gage.” Additionally, she sends daily messages to the doctor’s nurse to make sure she keeps her baby safe. While she did not need to justify or explain everything, it’s probably easier for her to do so.

Critics slammed Amy Halterman for taking a vacation without Gage at the age of three months, Plus, they criticized the state of the room and noticed a dirty pillow. Even then, despite telling fans that she consults her doctor about Gage’s diet, some people complained. They thought she put him on vegetables too soon. However, some discussion arose in the comments about Gage. For example, Amy told a fan that her son now weighs “16lbs.” That’s almost spot-on where he should be, according to charts on Medical News Today

Talking about cereals, Amy Halterman told another follower that Gage has been “on rice since 2weeks old cuz of acid reflux.” Of course, that started fans off arguing about when a baby should eat solids of any kind. But, Amy ignored them.

Amy Halterman Discusses Baby Gage's Diet With 1000-LB Sisters Fans
Credit: Amy Halterman | Instagram

Remember to check back with us often for more updates about Amy Halterman’s baby, Gage.

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