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‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Colton Winder Celebrates Ephraim’s First Birthday

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Seeking Sister Wife Colton Winder and his family seem very popular with TLC fans. The news that they returned for Season 3 made them very happy. Compared to the hot mess that Garrick Merrifield brings this year, the Winders seem the most relatable for fans. He and Sophie welcomed their baby boy, Ephraim a year ago and now Colton shared cute photos of their son this weekend. It’s his first birthday.

Seeking Sister Wife Colton Winder merged his family into one home

In Season 2, fans saw that the Winder family consisted of Colton, his wives, Tami and Sophie, and Tami’s daughter Sadie. Sophie, his second wife welcomed their son Ephraim in April 2020 last year. The quarantine kid looks very cute at the age of one. Actually, Sohpie struggled with conceiving him, so it makes him even more special. This season, fans see that the family also expands their family by potentially bringing in another wife.

The drama this season for Seeking Sister Wife Colton comes as they all moved from separate homes into one space. The adjustments bring some issues as the women navigate their way through the new situation. Actually, when they bring in a new wife, the family takes it seriously. Religious and mostly conforming Mormons, they approach life prayerfully and carefully. Well, it’s hard to imagine many fireworks with such a cute kid in the family. Ephraim is cute as a button, fans think.

Ephraim turns one year old – his proud dad shares 10 photos

Seeking Sister Wife Colton took to his Instagram on Saturday, April 24, and popped up photos of Ephraim. While Colton seems unsure about their decision to bring in Kimberly, a third wife, he looks totally committed to his son. The series of photos reveal that yes, Mormon babies do the cash-smashing thing. Plus, Ephraim really got into it. In fact, he dug his little face right into the tasty treat. Colton went all out with a banner for the birthday, and one photo reveals they organized a range of small cakes for the celebration.

Seeking Sister Wife Colton even arranged a special little cake for Ephraim. Very cute, it revealed a sheep’s face. Well, presumably his son likes sheep, but he didn’t hang about and soon demolished it. In fact, he ended up under the tap in the sink needing a good wash. In his post, Colton revealed that Tami made the special cake for the boy in the family. Later, very sweetly, big sister Sadi sat down and helped Ephraim play with his new toy. Another photo revealed the cute kid is walking well. As Colton noted, he held his dad’s hand and they walked all around the house together.

Seeking Sister Wife Colton Winder Cebrates Ephraim’s First Birthday
Credit: The Winder Family | Instagram

Seeking Sister Wife dad Colton told fans in the comments that it took a long time to film the show because of the coronavirus pandemic. And that explains why fans only see the birth of Ephraim in the coming week.

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