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‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Big Changes For The Winder Family In Season 3

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Seeking Sister Wife is back for its third season. Two families from last season are returning, and three new families join the series. We first met Colton Winder and his wives, Tami Winder and Sophie Winder, last season. At that time, they were a family of four with Colton Winder’s first (and legal) wife, Tami, his second wife, Sophie, and daughter, Sadie Winder, with his first wife, Tami.

Now, as Season 3 of SSW starts, we learn there’s a lot of big changes for the Winders. Their family grows and changes dramatically as they seek wife #3 to join their family.

Seeking Sister Wife: One Big House For Colton Winder And His Wives

In Season 2 of Seeking Sister Wife, Colton’s wives each lived in their own houses. Colton traveled every day between the two homes. Even on days he spent the night with Sophie, he always made sure he saw his daughter Sadie each morning before heading to work. They were all adjusting to adding Sophie to the family. So, of course, each wife needed their own space and alone time with their shared husband.

Now in Season 3 of Seeking Sister Wife, Colton’s two wives and households merge into one. No doubt that’s quite an adjustment for them. This season we’ll see the growing pains as they all adjust to their new living situation.

Colton Winder - Tami Winder - Sophie Winder -Facebook
Colton Winder – Tami Winder – Sophie Winder -Facebook

SSW: Baby Makes Five For The Winders

Seeking Sister Wife star, Sophie Winder suffered from infertility. She was open and honest about her struggle to get pregnant and become a mother on the family’s blog. This season her pregnancy will be an integral part of the family’s story. Tami will help her sister wife through the pregnancy. They will all be a part of welcoming the newest Winder into the fold.

Colton and Sophie welcomed their son Ephraim Winder in April 2020 during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the Seeking Sister Wife star Sophie Winder’s first child and Colton’s second. However, it is the first son born to Colton Winder. The family is still looking to expand even more this season. Ephriam is not the only addition they hope to make.

Colton Winder - Sophie Winder - Ephraim Winder - Facebook
Colton Winder – Sophie Winder – Ephraim Winder – Facebook

Seeking Sister Wife: Looking For Wife #3

The Winder family is still looking for a third wife to add to their family. The Seeking Sister Wife family has found a woman named Kimberley they all like and think would be a good addition to their family. Certainly, it is not easy for a plural family to date. After all, there are four people involved, plus the children to consider, as well.

The Winders are the only family this season that practices polygamy for religious reasons. They need to make sure the woman they pick is meant to be part of their family now and as well as in the ever after.

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